Venus at 0°

Sebastien Cheritte

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I was just wondering, since Venus represented our artistic perceptions, as well as our views and handlings of wealth & intimacy, what happens..
when she's at:

________________THIS IS MY PRIMARY QUESTION________________

In other news...

I was following a thread...yes... it was, THIS ONE..

which was (semi) :pouty:-fascinating and not like
(UBER) :w00t:-fascinating since my :venus: isn't Natal 0°,
instead its progressed & :retrograde: at 0°

.. changes everything doesn't it?

I was around 5 when she went :retrograde: from 9°30" in :virgo:, yes, it's taken the &*£^% 23 years to do that little stint, :venus: is finally at 0°5" closing.

and i am looking back at all of my relationships, and i see a pattern emerge, this will of course be of monumental importance the moment she moves into :leo:.

What can i expect from such an occurence? :unsure::alien: