Venus and 2


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In astrology-numerology connection does Venus represent number 2


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In astrology-numerology connection does Venus represent number 2

No, you're looking at the Moon is designated a number 2, Venus is a 6. They are 2 examples of femininity in astrology, the Sun, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn are treated more like masculine planets. Mercury, Uranus and Neptune should be feminine or they appear to have both genders (and so can Pluto). I believe the newer "planets" Eris, Ceres and Sedna are clearly feminine. The planets divided by gender are (and mentions of the planetoid chiron and Earth's satellite Lilith):

Masculine: Sun, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn.
Mas/Fem: Mercury and Uranus. (and Chiron).
Feminine: Moon, Venus, Ceres and Sedna.
Fem/Mas: Eris and Pluto (and Lilith).

And the 12 signs of the astrological zodiac:
Masculine: Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius and Aquarius.
Feminine: Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn and Pisces.

However, it appears the Air signs are a Masculine/Feminine type:
Gemini (ruled by Mercury), Libra (by Venus) and Aquarius (by Uranus).
And the 2nd half of the year "feminine" signs appear kinda masculine:
Scorpio (ruled by Pluto), Capricorn (by Saturn) and Pisces (by Jupiter).

And parazodiacs Ophiuchus and Orion are hard to define, there are proposals to assign Chiron and Lilith for Ophiuchus and Orion. And Ceres for Cancer ruled by the Moon, Virgo by Mercury and Taurus ruled by Venus; Eris for Gemini ruled by Mercury, Leo by the sun, and Libra ruled by Venus, and maybe include Cetus and the most esoteric constellation Draco, Sedna could rule these parazodiacs.

dr. farr

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There are several systems of number and gender allocations to the planets, both traditional, Vedic, Chinese and modernist, and hermetic and kabbalistic as well.

Gender wise,I usually adhere to the following allocations;
Masculine; sun, mars, Jupiter, Uranus, Pluto
Feminine; moon, Venus, neptune
Hermaphrodite; mercury
Eunich; saturn

For me, gender of moon phases vary; masculine for waxing and full, feminine for waning and dark.


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You provided me the alternative words for the Fem-Mas and Mas-Fem planets.

And this should go to each ruling planet of a sun sign going by this method:

Masculine: Leo, Aries, Sagittarius and Capricorn.
Feminine: Taurus, Cancer, Virgo and Pisces based on Neptune.
Eunuch (a Fem-Mas): Libra and Scorpio (and Orion).
Hermaphrodite (a Mas-Fem): Gemini and Aquarius (and Ophiuchus).

Neptune, aka Aunty Nepy...I forgot that one, how dare I forgot about her???

Could Sedna be ruler of Cetus, the parazodiac between the end and beginning (Pisces to Aries) to be "Intersex" along with parazodiacs Orion and Ophiuchus.


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Moon phases (new 0 and 29 and full 14-15):
0-7 are Masculine (new Moon).
8-14 are Masculine or part-Feminine (full Moon).
15-22 are Feminine (full Moon).
23-29 are Feminine or part-Masculine (new Moon).

And it's placement in signs would be the like in gender natures and variations.


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And numerology has genders? (9 can be uncle Uranus, who is another aunty).
1 (Sun) is Male, so is 3 (Jupiter), 4 (Mars) and 8 (Saturn).
2 (Moon) is Female, so is 6 (Venus) and 7 (Neptune). (or 5 aunt Mercury uncle).
and 9 has to be both but what's missing is 0 or Pluto like they are "bigender".
Pluto could well be the feminine end vs. the masculine start of the planetary numerical row.