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Why is the vedic forum always full of people full of desperation? In this particular section of the forum people have a tendency to post the same question 3, 4, or 5 times. I wonder why that is? I enjoy coming on here to learn astrology from experienced members but it gets quite annoying reading the same question from the same people over and over. Its always the same type of questions, too..marriage, job, overseas job, etc.

Sorry for complaining and I know its not an astrology related post but it just makes me not want to visit this section of the forum whenever I log on...

just sayin :andy:

Ryan Kurczak

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That's a good question. I notice that too.

My thoughts:

This world has a lot of pain in it. Or at least that is what most people notice.

Astrology offers a means to understand that pain.

Vedic astrology is primarily from India. Indians are used to getting answers from astrologers about these topics.

Where as (as I've seen) Western astrology more focuses on inner transformation and psychological understanding, Vedic astrology has primarily been practiced for predicting mundane world events. I find that fascinating since Vedic Astrology is considered the eye of the Vedas and has much to say about our inner worlds and personal growth.

(Note: Please know I do realize Western astrology can work well for mundane predictions too, it's just not what I've seen it used for most often.)

Just like in Yoga, most people practice meditation or yoga to escape pain (mental, emotional, physical), improve their life and their body, when really it's meant for transcendence, the same can apply to Jyotish.

Few individuals want to hear how to actually work with their Saturn, or engage their Mars or understand Rahu and Ketu. They want a way out of pain, and astrology is supposed to show it.

However, it mostly only shows the reality of the situation and points out the direction a person has to put their effort to move to a different state. Magic is expected, but reality always wins.

***Plus it's a free forum. People can ask whatever they want!

: )
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I agree! I am Indian myself so I get the mentality behind Indians and astrology but it would be nice if people were more patient when waiting for a response instead of freaking out and posting the same question 10 times.


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There's a huge difference in orientation

IME, westerners generally seem to get into astrology to 'discover themselves'. There's no desperation about it, but more likely a dissatisfaction with life, and an interest in the esoteric

Indians tend to treat astrologers (at least here) more like emergency doctors; 'my x is broken, please predict and prescribe.'

In the west, during the last century, the psychological astrology flourished, and the old 'fortune telling' fell right out of favour.

Most western astrologers don't practice the predict/prescribe sort of thing that Indians are used to, and most consumers of western astrology don't believe in, or more likely, have had no contact with, that other culture of astrology.

It seems you could reasonably divide them by 'inner' and 'outer'; one side seeks to use astrology for inner transformation, and the other is looking for practical results, generally speaking.