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I'm a fan of Vangelis. Who could tell me his birth time?
Astrotheme says he was born on Mars 29, 1943 in Volos Greece but doesn't give the time. Anyone?

Guys, listen to this album, Mythodea - it's so great!



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Hi Radu! I have his CD called El Greco (his tribute to him), also really wonderful. I will look up (and listen to) the one you mention in my I-tunes and probably download and buy the best parts. Thanks! Will also look for you to see if I can find more info about him. Cheers, Starlink

PS:In Astrotheme Website it says that the most important planets in his chart are Venus, Sun and Saturn and the most imp. signs are Taurus, Aries and Gemini.
Taurus Ascendant would not be a bad choice. As Sun is also highly accentuated, a Leo or Taurus Asc. would be a possibility. You should maybe get more info about his upbringing to establish the 4th house and look at transits when he brought out his first album. What would show sudden fame? a Progressed Sun or Venus conjunct MC or a transit of Pluto? I will ask Andonis (as he lives in Greece), if he knows more about him.
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Mythodea was send to the Nasa mission Mars Odyssey 2001...
I tried to find out more on the Greek webpages as I am greek too but I can't find his birth hour.
I would go for Aquarious ascendant...denotes future trends and far outs civilizations..
He has also two names Evangelos (Vangelis) and Odysseus.
Evangelos in Greek means the one who brings good-happy messages as it consists of two words ευ (good) and αγγελος(angel in english) (mystic messenger , deliver information in greek)
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