Validity of a chart when asking the same question twice

So I actually originally posted this under the horary health thread but I guess it’s not necessarily a question just about health and I don’t know how to delete the other one I posted I’m new sorry but anywho...

So I had a medical question I was very concerned about and so I casted my own chart and when I looked at the chart I felt it seemed to point to poor health amongst other negative things but I am far too new with horary to actually know if what I was reading was accurate. SO...two or so days later I decided instead to purchase a horary reading on Etsy. I mentioned to the reader I had casted my own chart prior if they wanted to interpret that but they ended up just casting a chart for the time I asked the question to them(not my original chart). Their reading however pointed to me being healthy and okay and getting good lab results back from my doctors. So I’m not sure if my first chart really was bad but hypothetically if it WAS would the chart from The Etsy Reader be invalid since that wasn’t technically the first time a chart was casted for my question?