Utah Health Department gathers data: Signs most/least likely to get the vaccine


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Ophiuchus is a constellation (as in star picture.) It is not a sign, which is a 30-degree slice of the heavens. Or was this your idea of a little joke?

It's an interesting break-down. But switching to the sidereal zodiac (Hindu astrology) sort of destroys the rankings.

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As a caring Pisces Sun with Aquarius Moon, I'm totally against the vaccination mandates, but fine with the testing and mask mandates, as long as they're for everyone, fully vaccinated included. The fully vaccinated can, and do, spread the virus to others, including those who are, like themselves, fully vaccinated..

Given the only-to-be-expected, proven number of adverse reactions to the vaccines themselves, and the lack of support and sympathy given to those who experience them, it's not surprising that so many people are reluctant to get inoculated.

Shoot first and say "oops" later doesn't work for me. People have a right to decide for themselves whether they feel safe getting vaccinated.
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Leo-the sign of plagues and diseases, and its opposite of Aquarius-the sign of science and reason. The signs most likely to understand the seriousness and likelihood of contracting a new infectious or communicable disease like COVID. And the other fixed signs Taurus and Scorpio are the least likely to receive a COVID vaccine...Scorpio-the sign of death and illness, and Taurus-the sign of skepticism and vanity. I wonder which sun sign(s) was the most infected with COVID, including those who were hospitalized or died from it. New India Times article included Gemini, Sagittarius and Pisces have "the weakest immunity" to COVID, yet without mentioning Virgo which is part of the mutable sign group.



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That's interesting but it does make me chuckle because the ONLY 2 people I know that are vehemently against taking the jab, as they call it, are both Leos.

They both feel they are in peak health, have very strong immune systems, and refuse to allow that poison into their systems.

One of those Leos is my daughter's fiancé and she is really upset with him and I am not sure they will actually get married after all the arguments this has caused.

Also, the least amount of vaccinations are seen in Scorpio and I am a Scorpio and am about to go get my 3rd shot, as a booster. And my 2 Scorpio relatives are both fully vaccinated too.


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I don't see how they could have gotten reliable statistics. For that, they'd have to know for sure how many people of each sun sign, of vaccine eligible age, there are in each county, and how many people of each sun sign got vaccinated, including those who got vaccinated out of county.

Since people getting vaccinated give their birthdates, that may be recorded, at least at county vaccination sites. But then all they know is how many people born in each month got vaccinated. That doesn't account for those who didn't get vaccinated. That also doesn't account for those who got their vaccine somewhere else.

Without all those pieces of information, there's no way to know what the real percentages are.