Using Sabian Symbols to Understand House Cusps

Arian Maverick

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I have become particularly interested in Sabian symbols lately, using them to better understand certain aspects of my natal chart such as key planet positions and opposite yod focal points. In your experience, do sabian symbols also provide valuable insight into house cusps other than the Ascendent, Nadir, Decendent, and Midheaven?

Aquarian Maverick


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I am sure they do, however prior to that there're two issues to be solved: the time of birth exact to the minute and the house system to use: which one works best :?:

Summery Joy

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Radu is right. What's so annoying about my natal chart is that the time isn't exact. It's a rough time that my parents could remember. I've even had to refine it to get a more accurate chart.

The time will not affect the degree placements of the the planets much (except the Moon). But in order to have accurate angles and calculated points, you have to have an accurate birth time.


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If you have rectified your birth time yourself you can consider it to be exact. If anyone knows what the correct angles and house cusps of your chart is then it is you.

There are lot's of people who don't even have a rounded off birth time from which to narrow the exact time down, so you are lucky in this respect, and unless we are lucky enough to have astrologer's for parents there are very few who will have a birth time of ultimate precision.

The Ascendant is the most personal point in the chart, and there is no better person to qualify that point which represents the coming into being, and approach to the world better than oneself. As long as your house cusps react significantly to transits, then your birth time is exact and the way it was always meant to be considered.

Draco :wink: