USA charts - the ultimate debate


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I Value you very much Jupiter Asc.

You will never see what i see if you do not buy both Solar Fire and Starlight, yes this will be difficult...who wants to pay £400.00 roughly for both programmes?
In searching human history, it will mean you will be controversial, indeed American history is prone to Evangelical beliefs....if you want to be aware of this!

Be aware that Solar Fire is complicated, a lot of astrologers don't know how to show this between Solar Fire and Starlight!.....Hell, this is important, be aware!....does anyone want to dispute!

The first person to note difference between December 25th and 6th January (Epiphany) was Egeria....please note that 6th Jan. against 25 December has a lot of will be brave to allow research into this!
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You will beware of difficulties between Brady and projected measure, lets put it this way, are you going to sit on projected measure against Brady?

In truth i can show the way, involving both measures....if you have both Solar Fire and Starlight (Brady) doubt there will be some that say that i'm going off topic to American i'm not!

You don't know yet what it is that connects!

Please look at topic below on a different forum...yes i'm using Brady Starlight..equal to all astronomy programmes i have...yes i have spent a lot of money!

Equal to D.O.I. is Japanese Expansionism into China, same as D.O.I....yes i'm ill, sometimes i write things that is the result of this and strong tablets, however do not use this against me, there are few days in a year that i'm unstable thus inaccurate, try me!

Obviously The Marco Polo Bridge Incident is connected to World History, and connects to D.O.I.....first steps in connecting!
Same as D.O.I. scroll down to incident below, please note on this forum you don't need to be a member to view attachments, just left click on image several times to make larger...these come from "Starlight"!!!!!!!
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Re: USA charts - the ultimate debate - how about Sidereal?

The original had a bell tower and clock. The 1828 was a restoration. Check the history here:
Taking everything you've pointed out, and what I've read, I'll just go with 2:23pm

I've just come across this rendering in my recent research, it shows no clock in the tower.


Here's another from 1800:


Notice that the clock was only on the west-facing wall.

These were obtained from a source that had no astrology connections - just historical.


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The Great Seal of the United States was finally adopted in New York, the then Capitol by Congress on 15th September 1789, please scroll down link to "Source of Elements", then read Paragraph ABOVE this, please check with other sources!

Strangely as the Sun rose on this day being Egyptian Day Marker, Alnilam, Belt of Orion and Osiris star was culminating in the centre of the sky, noting Egyptian flavour of seal, i thought you would find this interesting!

Graph on link:-


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Although disputed, i would say that the genesis of the Republican Party was 6th July 1854 under the Oaks in Jackson.

Sunrise daymarker used, Alnilam, Belt of Orion also rising, graph on attachment.


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Ah i have something in my Political Science textbook about when this country was born. In my humble opinion, the birth would have to be when New York finally said yes to the Declaration of Independence. It was read aloud with the consent of ALL the colonies. On July 9th, 1776, it was read aloud. No matter how many states it has now, the Country became the US on that day to me...


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NAFTA,approved 17 November 1993.
Established 1 January 1994.(EZLN declares war on the Mexican state.)

Sun/Asc,1 Jan 1994,07:32am,Washington DC.

"NAFTA,means jobs,and good paying American jobs.If I didn't believe that,I wouldn't support this agreement."

Bill Clinton.



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Hi J.R.,

I am suspicious of moves to join North America with Mexico, "Picture in Head", money down the tube to Mexico, like Greece is to E.U.!

Politicians do try it on every few years!

Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America was founded in Waco, Texas on 23rd March 2005.

Same rules to all my other posts....Midnight alignment at location, Alnilam setting in West and Descendant, graph below:-


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4 July 1776
2:00 PM

The voting took place at 11:00 AM, probably took 15 minutes. Source= adams book by mccullough
It's not going to take 6 hours for the secretary(thompson) to do a DRAFT document. (Sibley chart)
Hancock, whose ship got seized by the british, says everything was done by 2 pm. Source=Hancock book
The printers was just down the road. As soon as it is in his hands. That's it.

Sun in 9th house. I could give you a list 30 ministers from usa.

Here's the scorpio chart.



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Hi Bjorkstrand,

Fixed stars are the oldest factor in astrology, don't go for projected, parans are accurate....okay lets define Microcosm, link below:-

Connected is "Invisible College":-

Elias Ashmole, Oxford, Below:-

The Isis, below:-

Ashmolean Museum below:-

So we get to sandstone....he knows parans, i might have to help here...have a look below with dates, just because Queensland is a is very telling over world politics, perhaps Sandstone will tell without prompting?

We have Shire of Isis, dates are important!:-

Nice Logo, link below:-

Isis Shire was named because it reminded colonists of the Isis Oxford!

You work it out!
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Point one, please attack, The Isis Division was established on 1st January 1887 in Childers, Queensland, Australia, link below:-

Midnight alignment from area of Childers, Queensland, Australia established, graph below, you may have to left click on image several times to make clearer, Sirius, Isis star culminating at midnight, modern way of separating the day!


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Point two, Isis becomes Shire on 31st March 1903, in area around Childers, Queensland, Australia on 31st March 1903, link below:-

Please note that Sunrise is the ancient way to separate the day for EGYPTIANS!!!!

Thus what can we show for Isis Shire at sunrise on 31st March 1903 in area around Childers regarding the accurate paran?

Oopps! we find Sirius and Isis Star on the Nadir angle at location, it's a bit odd isn't it????

Graph on attachment, you may have to left click on image several times to make clearer:-


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Ssoo, last date on link below is 15th March 2008....wanna mess with me in Childers, Queensland, Australia, sunrise alignment...hell you work it out!

Graph on attachment, yes i have many more dates, wanna mess with me?

Please note i will continue tomorrow...graph below is actually valued as a double alignment on you know what other alignment is on day and location?


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The other alignment for 15th March 2008 is "Midnight day marker" for when Isis Shire merged into Bundaberg Regional Council, link below:-

Even secret religions have a right to exist, however i have concerns when religion mixes with politics, but it was non-aggressive!
Masons use the same process in a lot of cases, i don't comment when it is only masonic business, but many nations and religious groups use Sirius and Alnilam as an alignment for war and example would be Gettysburg on 1st July 1863, midnight day marker used, Sirius on Nadir, orb 4 mins 3 secs....1 degree!

Graph for 15th March 2008 on attachment, you may have to left click on image several times to make clearer, double alignment, at midnight, alnilam setting in West.


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So now lets look at Isis Masonic Lodge that opened in Childers, Queensland, Australia on 4th April 1895, it was an evening meeting thus after sunset on day, ancient Greek daymarker used at sunset, link below:-

Graph below, as Sun set, Sirius was culminating on M.C.


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By using above link, you will find that a Masonic Hall was built, and the first meeting in new hall was on 8th October 1897, Egyptian daymarker used...sunrise, as Sun rose Sirius culminates on M.C. graph below, you may have to left click on image several times to make clearer.

No comment, unrelated to politics!


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You all haven't learned anything from me have you?
[Although, Radu, you come very close...btw, renowned Astrologer , Martin Schulman also chose Gemini as the Asc.
I don't have the exact figure for His chart but I recall that Uranus was just above the horizon.
Rudhyar, on the other hand chose a chart with 13* Sag. 10' for the Asc. this is one of the few times I don't agree with Dane.]

Sabian Symbols are the ultimate tool of rectification...nonpareil

Note the Asc is the 5th degree of Gemini ...the 'Who' of the entity.

[from Rudhyar's book: "An Astrological Mandala]

I also want to point out that the N. Node is the 7th of Aquarius as is my own...[it takes one to know one]
"A REVOLUTIONARY MAGAZINE ASKING FOR ACTION. {Note on June 11, 2014: I noticed this was in error. That is the South Node in Aquarius, obviously}

KEYNOTE: The explosive tendency of repressed feelings and root emotions.

Every movement over stressing one direction calls forth in time an equally extreme movement in the opposite direction... ...Whether the revolutionary action is violent or peaceful, bitterly resentful or loving, the one desire is TO REACH BEYOND ESTABLISHED FORMS."


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