Urgent! my mom is really ill and doctors are confused


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My mom is ill for years, and not for any specific problem. One problem ends, another starts, it ends, the first one revives. There is mental as well physical complications. And now, the doctors are alarmed.

We have been to doctors all those years, blindly followed their instructions, and now she is probably suffering from sepsis, and the doctors are still confused !!!

There have been sudden bouts of luck and sudden bouts of extreme misfortune.For example- we need to do a test urgently, and every pathological center is closed tomorrow.

Consulting allopathic doctors will still be our prime course of way- but I want to take some second opinion of medical astrologers. Any help would really,really be appreciated.

Please keep her in your prayers.

Her birth details-

19 April 1959
5.43.39 pm local time ( rectified)
Chadpur, Comilla, Bangladesh.

P.S- Her birth time is rectified by someone I trust a lot. Alas, He is taking break from astrology.


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Thank you so much for caring.

It was just before the evening- between 5.30 pm to 6.00 pm. However the ascendant changes during this period so I rectified it.... The rectifier used her major life events.

I can share the events with you. Or anything you need. Please help me out here.


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Thanks a lot sir.

Father's death- 1st March 1980
Mother's death- 19 February 1988 ( if we count midnight as the next day)
Marriage Day- 16 October 1986
First Child Born- 22 January 1988
Third child born- 1st July 1990 (second child died)
If any further dates (ie joining for govt job as a teacher etc) are needed I can provide them as well.