Uranus transits w/moon


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Is anyone experienced or has experienced this transit?

About two years ago, I experienced the square. Everything that was suppose to happen, happened! Of course, a move, change in home environment, erratic moods. Awful time. I blame all my changes in the past two years on poor neptune (transit conjuncting my sun) but I think the Uranus/moon transit was a great influence of the personal devastation.

When I experienced Uranus on my sun, NOTHING happened - no even an electric shock, lol! However, I have a natal sun opp Uranus - pretty much shocked out.....

But I'm most interested in the moon.... I have read different meanings about this transit - some say it's an exciting, sparkling time of your life and others say it is devastating. Has anyone experienced the conjunction? Blessings, tb


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The troubles faced during strong Uranus transits are proportional to your aversion to change; if you desire stability, you're basically screwed, unless the current structures you have built are very valid expressions of your highest potential. For most of us, this is unlikely.

I had the conjunction to my late Aquarius Moon in 2003. Lets see...
a) mood swings, confusing to those around me especially.
b) changing emotional needs, and confusion about them.
c) got suddenly dumped by a girl in a most unexpected manner (for the better, now that it's behind me, but hurt like hell at the time)
d) ended up in a dump of an apartment based on a quick decision and thinking I could save some cash, although I could get away with anything there (ie: neighbors didn't ***** about music, getting drunk at the pool at 3am was the norm there, etc) - In a way was kind of cool, except the two days the AC was dead and it was ~100 out.

... on the upside:
d) jolted out of a long-running depressive state in a permanent fashion.
e) ditched silly self-worth and victim-consciousness issues. I still wonder what the *!!* I was thinking and how I got locked into that junk. (although this may be more related to the Neptune-Chiron square transit that lined up with the Uranus-Moon conjunction transit, but i suspect both are interrelated)
f) started actually acknowledging my emotions rather than trying to be a vulcan (star trek: emotionless, logic/intellect/concentration oriented species)
g) started getting really curious about "alternate" spiritual teachings and an unconscious inkling towards metaphysical discourse which would become far more conscious as Uranus entered my 3rd house a year later.

Yes, it was quite a rollercoaster, but Uranus showed me alot and snapped me out of some really negative emotional patterns. The upsides seem far more important than the uneasy and somewhat confusing edge that went along with it, but I suppose that was just part of the process.

The retrograde conjunction was the most powerful, and happened along with other transits, most notably a transiting Mars/Uranus conjunction (so both on my Moon) and the transiting south node right on my natal Uranus.
I will be having Transit Uranus Conjunct my Moon probably about next year. Uranus is going to hit my lunar nodes near the end of April, I am waiting to see what happens then. In my Astrology book for Transiting Uranus to the Moon it calls it a period of waking up - It reminds of The Matrix Film the planet Uranus- "Wake up Neo" :D . In the case of the Moon you are waking up to the emotional truth. The usual things happen, like you have said - emotional shocks, home moves, a domestic shake up. Change in your life can be emotionally upsetting it depends how clingy and dependent you are to the parts of your life represented by the Moon, some people hate moving home it really causes stress to their sense of security. The first time I moved out I was happy to move but out of the blue when I was sitting in my new house and I had just left my childhood home, I burst in to tears, change always has some effect on you even if you are happy for the change to happen. The planet Uranus helps you get out of old ruts, old ways of being which we get stuck in. Sometimes it's your parents lives which may change drastically, they may move house or change something else in their life. The purpose of Uranus to the Moon could also be about freeing yourself from old limiting emotional responses. In my case I have my Moon square Neptune I may have to look at the truth of my feelings, and what needs to change in my living situation which isn't doing me any good for personal growth. I also have my Moon in the 7th, I can imagine my relationships are going to be affected through this transit.

The advice for dealing with Uranus transits is to remain as open as possible to what needs changing. In yourself more than others. You have to deal with the situation differently from the way you usually react. I will probably have to deal with the situation objectively as I am far too emotional. Hopefully this will have a more freeing affect upon you.

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I remember 2003/4 when Uranus conjuncted my Moon in Pisces, my lifestyle changed for the better in most ways. I started a new job and decided to go on a yoga teachers retreat to learn to be a yoga teacher. That has transformed my spiritual life to this day. The job experience also helped me gain independance and inner strength. Saturn was also conjuncting natal Saturn in Cancer around then. I think I woke up to life at that time and haven't gone back to sleep since.

Oh - and I had one sudden, intense, quick love relationship that ended oh so suddenly, and somewhat explosively!!:D That altered my thinking about relationships dramatically, for the better though.



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Seems like alot of us opened to spirituality at this time....

Thank you for your responses. Yes, like Shining Ray said, you have to keep open in this period. All emotional ruts will be shattered. However, I felt like the only one standing naked outside!lol! I felt so exposed and vulnerable during this transit. I could not keep up with the pace of changes in the physical and emotional worlds.

All I can say to anyone who is going to experience this transit is to stay open, surrender, and make as little changes as possible. Wait for the transit to pass. It's definitely a whopper!

There was good that came out of it, much like unu(?) mentioned. I fully understand the term "Awakener" know. BAM! Okay, still didn't get it, BAM AGAIN!lol

Time for a cat nap...... Just thinking of that transit makes me tired! Blessings, tb


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i have had uranus conjunct my moon and ascendant recently and let me tell you- my life is not the same!!! i upped and moved 3 times (from l.a. to new york, from new york to india (for 5 months of travel), and from india to s.f.). i to the day- and in some cases to the exact minute of the transit of uranus/moon- got fired, ended a relationship and found clarity about something i previously was unable to get clarity on. i also began to separate from my mother (we had a symbiotic relationship with no boundaries) during this transit. i began to build better boundaries. my relationships took a turn and i no longer got involved with men i had previously been really attracted to- but were no good for me. uranus conjunct my moon/ascendant was pretty profound.

i also had uranus trine sun at the time- and although i am sure it affected me- it was the timing of the conjunctions to my moon/asc that really stood out for me. once the moon was over i had uranus opposite my mars! i am not sure what resulted from that- because at that point i had been hit was so much uranus it is hard to tell what was from what.

needless to say- uranus transits are profound- for me anyways. i actually rather like them :) although at times i must admit i wasn't loving it in the thick of all the changes. but uranus is the liberator! i definitely feel like i was liberated from an old way of being :)

actually- i would also have to add that my spiritual path really shifted into gear around this time as well. i got into yoga, went to yoga teacher training, took off for india on an intuition, got into healing energy work, etc... MAJOR shifts- internally and externally.

good luck to you with your transit. i would suggest you take a good look at your life and see what needs to go/transform- and then aid yourself in that transformation rather than having it forced upon you. both ways end up the same- but one is less disruptive than the other :)



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There is an early striving for independence and a desire for security and a home of your own. There may be tension or antagonism in your family environment. Perhaps you are too demanding of those closest to you. You must overcome your hidden antagonisms and quarrelsomeness.Your strong emotions must be toned down and controlled.You avoid direct confrontations with others, preferring to side-step issues or attack them indirectly. Aggressive, competitive behavior makes you uncomfortable. Your ego drive is not very strong and you are not especially ambitious or eager to push your way to the top.Inner satisfaction is more important to you. You may feel inadequate in situations that call for strong, forceful action. But, when you feel your loved ones or your family or anyone you really care about is being threatened, then you will fight and defend with all the tenacity in the world. That brings out the very strong protective side in you.Impulse and instinct take over and you will battle until the end, if needed. Your goals and actions tend to center around your family and loved ones and they are very personal. Great sacrifices can be made for them, even though they may be in the wrong. Being sensitive to stress, you do not handle high-pressure, competitive situations very well. You can be very touchy, moody, irritable and difficult to be around when there are many demands or tensions at work. Your energy level is not constant and is very dependent on your emotional state at the time, especially as regards your emotional harmony or discord at home. You should avoid eating when emotionally upset as this plays havoc with your digestive system.


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i agree with the above post about the digestive system issues. i actually got mercury poisoning with this transit- and all the fun symptoms of a toxic nervous system (anxiety/panic attacks, as well as digestive issues, paresthesia, hair falling out, etc...). i am not sure if the mercury poisoning has to do with uranus on my moon- or pluto transiting the solar 6th? i am sure there is something in my chart that something hit. but whatever the case may be- DO NOT EAT TUNA!!! mercury poisoning sucks.

in the previous entry by astrobhadauria- the part about wanting a home of your own and a desire for security does not resonate with me. when uranus was on my moon- i was moving around all the time and jetting of to india solo to stay for 5 months. security and putting down roots was the last thing i was focused on! it was until saturn started getting into the mix (saturn on my sun, saturn on my venus, saturn return) that i began focusing on security and a home.

just my two cents :)


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well i've been reading all those uranus transits to the moon and in fact i'm scared well a bit u see if any one can answer this one i'll take you out for a coffee!
in about 2years i will have transit uranus conjoin natal moon almost an applying aspect we could say, my moon 0 degres aries, still 6th h uranus will hit my south node, 28 degrees pisces in the 6th house, saturn by transit will oppose uranus from the 12th house ouch!! funny, it will be about the time when i apply to the local council for the tenacy to my gran's flat as i have to live there for two years before applying, i am so worried about it we could say it's all happening in 2009/2010
if any one has any advise at all please post i am looking into this now so as to be as preprered as pos which is impossible!!

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Re: Uranus transits w/moon,

Uranus is flirting with meeting my natal Moon at 29'42 Aries. On the 3rd he goes Retro until Jan 2. Finally he conjuncts with Moon May 9 next year, but then goes backwards again on Aug 7 (my birthday), crossing back over my moon on Nov 14, then forward over it again on Jan 21-22 2019, right after Sun moves into Aquarius. So. I have been experiencing a very tense upload to this aspect. Always seeming to be a huge hurdle before me preventing a huge shift. From what I have gleaned from reading other writers about the upcoming retro, it is a time for inner reflection before the actual big shift, to get oneself sorted out. I have been feeling as though my inner world is in turmoil and my "chess pieces" in a chaotic frenzy waiting for re-set. Yet it is happening on a deep subconscious level, while my external world is actually becoming more regularized, perhaps as it is the only thing I can control right now. as I prepare for unexpected big shifts in terms of my Moon. It is a high anxiety transit for sure & moreso being teased with it!


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I’m currently experiencing tUranus square Moon in Capricorn. However, it is hard to tease that influence apart from all the other major transits, as tUranus is also conjunct north node in Aries and square Sun and Mercury in Cancer and early Leo.

For me, there has been a tremendous amount of tension surrounding the direction of my life. When Pluto moved to my 8th to conjunct Mars, Uranus moved to my 12th, and my first Saturn return hit, I became burdened by the physical aspects of existence and I have been wrestling with obligations, what is truly important and meaningful ways of spending time and energy, and acquiring or leaving behind resources.

Aries Uranus contacting Cappy moon, with natal Mars in Capricorn, seems to give me the drive to let go of personal desires in order to make money and take care of other people, and to push myself to see how far I can go to do it (tNeptune in the 10th is also opposed Venus, tPluto still on Mars). I am putting myself out there, but losing myself at the same time. I am being who I need to be to suit where I am and what the situation is, but that is actually a sort of freedom, because I am learning not to attach myself so closely to everything so I can do what is necessary.

I have also began to stop caring about what people think of my past, and I am speaking more openly about it. I don’t try to hide it when people ask me questions where it might come up. That is a very new thing. During my childhood, tUranus passed over Moon, concurrently with tNeptune. I displayed a lot of ingenuity at the time, obsessing over learning genetic engineering, biology and neurology, but was emotionally disabled with severe panic attacks and obsessive compulsive behaviors that lead me to be heavily medicated by the time I was eleven.

Recently I have had to work closely with someone whom has Uranus and Jupiter conjunct Mercury in Libra, sextile my Mercury in Leo. His Mars is conjunct my Uranus in Sagittarius, and my Jupiter is conjunct his north node in Pisces, square the Uranus/Mars. We are trying to bring something new into the company together. The two of us are the primary movers making it all happen, not by choice alone but just because we are both stubborn workaholics that are willing to take risks where others are not. We are stressed and trying to console and take care of each other, which is funny because when we first met we did nothing but fight about everything.

I don’t eat hardly at all these days, I cannot drink coffee or my heart rate goes through the roof, and I am always tired. I cannot stop myself from moving.

Uranus transits to moon - don’t expect your life to be quiet, and if it is, you’re going to find a way to make it interesting for better or worse.
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