uranus 2 degrees away from my second house cusp


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Okay so my natal uranus is 2 degrees away from my second house cusp. should it be read as "uranus in 1st" or "uranus conjunct 2nd house cusp" or both. how would you read such planet placements?



Hello Emily56,

First of all, it might be a good idea to decide on which Housing system you prefer to use.

Things on House Cusps often like to, "Jump across the lines" back and forth between the two Houses in question, depending on which housing system you use.

A good/basic/simple way to test which one "feels the most right" for you, is simply by tracking the Moon for a few months, and seeing if you can, again, "Feel" the changes between houses and signs, with one housing system more than the other.

- In any case - Usually (in my experience anyway) it truly is better to consider the planet in question in BOTH HOUSES, simultaneously, and read up and study on BOTH 1st and 2nd House symbolism for Uranus. They will no doubt both feel at least somewhat familiar.

However, (if you are one of the lucky ones anyway), one or the other will probably feel MORE accurate than the other MOST of the time.
However, that's not to say that you might not always feel both influences in life, which, with planets on Cusps, is a strong possibility.

And as far as how to interpret a 1st house/2nd House Uranus... I don't know if I'm brave enough yet to do that publicly...

That said, I would recommend reading anything about each placement as you can (1st House/2nd House Uranus) and then seeing which one suits you more. Next, I would then tweak and fine tune the definition until it seems spot on. Sometimes, certain sentences of interpretations don't work, yet others do. Keep refining and boiling down, until you reach the truth of whether it truly feels like a 1st House or 2nd House Uranus.

And lastly, I'm sorry if this wasn't as helpful as you wanted. I know you were probably hoping for an interpretation or, "Reading"
But, I think you'll find that, in the end - No one can give you a better reading than Yourself.


Goodluck and Godspeed,

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dr. farr

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Using whole sign houses your Uranus would be considered to be in the 1st house and not in conjunction with the sensitive degree (which we whole housers call “cusps”) of the 2nd whole sign house.
Rising Uranus in the 1st house is a strong position for this planet; whether benefic or malefic, whether chaotic or balanced, depends entirely on co-factors relating to this planet as shown by the chart.
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Is the cusp of 2nd house considered a sensitive point? I thought it was only the angles.
The other house cusps are not sensitive like the angles. But when a planet approaches the end of one house and the beginning of another, it is may be noteworthy.