unpacking my obsession with communicating and networking


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unpacking my obsession with communicating and networking

it is all i am motivated by. its as if my emotional wellbeing depends on by ability to communicate and network CONTINUOUSLY. regardless of for what reason. i realise how much this sounds like pluto 3rd. i form communicative bonds with people that can be life or death sort of thing...

can somebody please help me unpack this. with 11th house mercury aspecting the 5th house, i am wondering if this how a lot to do motivations either being on networking or relationships, networking or relationships. they're very superficial but my life depends on them. "deep fascination with the human mind and understanding how it operates" is how i've read mercury 11th to be...

but aspecting the 3rd and the 5th? what does this mean for that mercury? also the venus - pluto 3rd-9th house... this is my only motivation and it seems to be very fickle and does not give me what i want. what i want from them can be what feels to be a constant search for divinity. i'm often communicating with people at a distance too. can i turn this into a positive?
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Please post your horoscope, preferably legible and with the degrees showing. We cannot tell without seeing it.

just attached. thanks.


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OK, please keep in mind that most of us bifocal wearers have trouble with tiny type that gets fuzzy when manually enlarged.

I assume this is an accurate birth time. (It's unusual for someone's 4 chart angles to be at 0 degrees of a sign with Placidus houses.)

Mercury is the planet of communication. Yours is pretty active. It is the corner of a wide grand square (grand cross) involving the moon, Uranus, and Saturn. It is the tail point of an out-of-sign kite formation involving Pluto, Neptune, and Jupiter.

So when one of these planets gets activated by progression or transit, Mercury gets activated. When Mercury gets activated, other planets get activated. Uranus and Aquarius rule things electronic, and with your Mars-Uranus opposition, the lure of electronic communication may become irresistible.

Then Gemini is the sign most associated with communication. Your Venus in Gemini makes an exact trine with Uranus. Venus is the planet dealing with relationships and caring for people.

If you are social-distancing and spending much of your time at home due to CV-19, it is understandable that you feel a strong need to communicate. So it's not the "what" that is concerning, but "how much."

You can probably recall a time in your life when you weren't so obsessed with constant communication. How did you spend more of your time then? What are your other hobbies and interests, and how could you spend more time on them?

Mercury also rules the hands, so if you enjoy making some kind of art or handicraft, playing a musical instrument, or creative writing, these might be good ways to use Mercury productively.
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The Ascendant and Midheaven at 0° makes the birth time questionable. Nevertheless, there is quite a pattern which is difficult to see with Astrodienst’s charting method.


So, here is a more readable image


Enthusiastic (Mars)
Outgoing (Jupiter)
Impulsive (Uranus)
Emotional (Moon)

Daring, adventurous.
Ambitious, enjoying challenges in life.
Attraction towards sports and outdoor activities.
Liking action.
Liking to do things in large measure.
Aspiring to be in positions of responsibility.
Feeling most alive when challenged.
Capacity to innovate, to go further, to take things beyond their present limits.
Ever been accused of Impulsiveness?