Unlucky in love


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First of all, sorry if this is in the wrong thread. Newbie here.

I've just started researching on astrology and it has helped me understand a great deal about myself and my life thus far! Pretty interesting stuff.

Anyway I have always been quite unlucky in love. I'm 20 and have never been in a relationship before. The guys (mostly water signs - Scorpio, Cancer, Pisces) I'm interested in never seem to be interested in me. In fact, they are always attracted to my best friend (ouch!).

[P/s: she's an Aquarius sun with Venus in Pisces (5th House) and Scorpio ascendant.]

I've also read that 2013 is supposed to be a very lucky year for Pisces in terms of finding true love but it is already November and I have yet to experience any of that!

Could it be due to the Venus placement in my chart? From what I've read, it isn't really an ideal placement... I'm getting anxious and a bit depressed.

When will I finally meet that special someone? :unsure:


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I've met a lot of people who are in their 30s and NEVER had a relationship before. It's sad but oh so true. You're not lagging behind, so don't feel that way.

Also, you're 20 and you're bemoaning not finding love LOL Life goes on beyond 20 and there are other things in life to be interested and preoccupied with other than finding "that special someone." Sure, it's important to find love and all jazz, but realize, it's not the end of the world if you don't have someone now. Some people don't find true love until later in life. My mother said she found true love at 50, so there you go.


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I wouldn't call you "unlucky in love" either-- but you appear to be a bashful, shy sort of person who values her privacy. This can make it difficult for you to get out and meet people. Some people are "late bloomers" but perhaps you would rather wait to find the person who is right for you than to date a bunch of guys with whom you have little in common while you are younger.

In the meantime, do what you can to stay in circulation-- perhaps joining a reputable Internet dating site.

The idea that an entire 365-day year will be "unlucky in love" for 1/12 of the human population just doesn't make sense. This looks like newspaper or magazine sun-sign column astrology; not the more complicated system that astrologers follow in horoscope interpretation. Venus will be in your 7th house of long-term relationships from mid-September to mid-October in 2014. So that would be a good time to meet someone new.


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You're only 20 years old! :) Their is more to life than love, be who you want to be, count your blessings and chill out, you're still a very young person. Your 7th ruler is well aspected, your 5th ruler is trine mars which rules the second and ninth house.

I don't think you're unlucky in love either add to that, there are a lot of people with hard Venus placements and hard charts who go on to succeed!


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Repost your chart but add the vertex and Vesta, you can do that at the same site you got the above chart under "extended chart selection". Right now you are being hampered by transiting Neptune in your 12th soon to be conjunct the Ascendant and Sun; things will be very hazy and confusing for quite some time. On the plus side, next year transiting Uranus will be conjunct Venus and trine the Midheaven and the Node - this could indicate a major love relationship. I need to see how the vertex and Vesta fit into this picture.


Hey there,
im currently 19 and oh boy, do I feel like I'm on the same boat. It seems like all my friends have such an easy time falling in love! Relationships are all over the place and seem so ubiquitous however ive never gotten to that point of being able to say "this is my boyfriend" and it kind of *****. usually im either rejected by the guy(or more often i "perceive" that im rejected bc i dont have the courage to ask)or something happens, either within me or extrinsic of me, that makes being in a relationship always just out of reach. I too have venus square neptune and uranus. I have always blamed these aspects for my inability to have a real, stable romantic life bc a) venus square uranus instills in me the romantic notion that "true love" is erratic and unstable, so sitting still long enough to really fall in love with someone is difficult for me and b) venus square neptune inclines me to be delusional/confused and therefore less active in the process of finding love and more active in the process of dreaming about it. it also gives me some high standards bc neptune wants love to be ideal and to spiritual perfection(soulmate stuff i guess)but thats just not how the real world works. its no fun, i know, and im sorry you feel the way you feel. sometimes i feel really alone and like this pattern of loneliness is going to perpetuate itself forever, but i dont think thats really true. lately ive come to realize that im totally cpable of breaking down/dissolving those negative delusions and mental habits that keep me from really understanding how to love and be loved by others as long as i remain conscious of them. hope this helps! you'll find someone i promise! :wink:


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Thank you all SO much for the replies! It made me feel less alone and I really appreciate it. :smile:

mdinaz, I have attached a new chart with more details. :joyful:


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I think your going to be fine honestly. You do need to spend some time figuring out what you like and don't like in a relationship, so your going to need to get some experience under your belt in different personalities and the character of a person. Because you do not want to get stuck in a bad relationship to only find out you really don't like the person later down the road. Be careful of people taking you for granted, be friends and get to know people and don't limit yourself to just one person. Again, right now is just your time to mingle and find the one that is for you, who is going to treat you like the royalty you are. I think you would do good with more earthy type people trust me. Leave the watery ones alone; its okay if there is some water planets in there of course. But you need stability and care and you yourself will find that in an earth person. When you meet people, subtlety get their birthday and look it up and research yours so you learn about yourself and others. I really do think your going to get your time to shine and it wont be long maybe not even til your 25, because its not your time yet. And, remember not to let yourself be a victim. Hope this makes sense; and this is only my opinion. Best of luck. Let us know how it goes!​