Unlucky In both Career and Love..


Dear Respected Expert Astrologers,

I request your guidance in the matter of my career or love life.

The following are my birth details

5th Feb 1987
Hyderabad, India.

I'm 25yrs old and still not settled in my career.
I've recently started working(Since 3-4days to be precise) in a domain that is not related to what I've studied.

Relationship, it has been an year. I broke her heart immediately after the 1st two months after our relationship, as I know know that my parents would not support love marriage(inter-cast). I still keep in touch with her(on talking terms) as it's really hard for me to let go.

Sir/Mam, I request you to please study my chart and let me know if..

1. there is any chance that my parents would ever agree ? Is there a chance for LOVE-MARRIAGE ??
2. Is any indication of better career prospects ??

Eagerly awaiting your response !!



I'm Posting My Vedic Jhora & Kundali-Pro Charts for your convince.

Thank you !!


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Dear Member,

Possibilities of love marriage exists through

1. Placement of rahu along with 7th lord Mars in 6th house (possibility of marriage to a subordinate caste) would raise troubles in marriage but subsidized by the placement of Strong Jupiter - chance is 3:1. You might get your parents convinced.
2. Placement of Moon in 7th house.

Your career's crux improvement is related to your wife as tenth lord is placed in 7th house.

Regarding your current Job, pray and perform pooja to Lord Saturn who is aspecting your tenth house of career till end of 2014. Being a yogakara for your ascendant, he might give you a betterment.

One advice: Placement of Ketu in your 12th house indicate that he will give you moksha after this birth. Hence try to do as many good deeds as possible.

All the best.


Dear Archinnaji,

Thank you for your time & Response.

Can you please clarify the 3:1 ratio part ?




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Dear Rkg,

As i said you have possibilities. But I can't give you 100% because I would be playing your life game then.

Put the blame on god and do what you feel is right without hurting anyone.

Astrology will support you but should not help you decide your love. I am sure you will figure out a way to do it.

All the best buddy.