Uneasy and needing some guidance



I have been interested in astrology for about a year or so, and I have a little bit of knowledge, but not much. I also, for the past six months, have been going through a yoga teacher training. During this training and now I feel a greater sense of awareness, but sometime my emotions get in the way. I feel like my awareness, I have been inflating in my head to make myself feel better, from a lack of self-esteem. Which I was perpetuating by emotional eating. My mother has issues with food and I have been trying to beat my own, but its difficult. In addition I am trying to deepen my relationship with a high power(God) whatever you chose to call it. I also am longing for a partner but don't want to burden him with my insecurities. My birthday is June 27, 1985. 7:15pm In Buck County (Doylestown) PA. If anyone out there could take a moment of their time to look at my chart and perhaps give me some advice. Thank you. Sincerely, "Kat"herine


This is a powerful time


This is a powerful, spiritual time for you. You have by transit (planets in the sky):
Jupiter (religion) conjunct (energy is combined with) midheaven (outer world)
Jupiter conjunct Neptune (spirituality)
Saturn (structure) conjunct Mercury (thinking)
Pluto (transformation, also power) conjunct Ascendant (self)
Uranus (astrology) square (energy needs to be combined with) Uranus focused in the 12th house (spirituality)

With all this religious, thinking, powerful, self energy filling you, it is a full time job just finding a place to store it all! And astrology can help you to understand things. But, astrology is a tool of self-awareness, not a tool of self-solving. The challenges you have only you can solve. But, for this time, astrology, religion, deep thinking, and discovering your personal power are highly appropriate. One other thing: you have Taurus (material, also values) modifying Venus (material) conjunct North node (future goals) focused in the fifth house (self-expression), so expressing yourself with food is ONE way to use your energies, but, as you know, probably not the best. Instead, see if you can be self-expressive about your values (maybe through art, performance art, etc.) and see if that helps end the eating challenges.

Wishing you the best with your personal transformation,



thank you

Thank you Tim. I think that you were correct in saying I have to solve things on my own. I will look at the site you offered. Astrology is rather complicated, like people, I will continue to research to understand it more despite negative commentaries I get from people. Thanks again and may your peace of mind be unfaltering. Sincerely, Katherine


Katherine's spiritual journey

Hi! Kat,

I also wish to look through your horoscope through vedic perspective.You were born when Scorpio ascendant was rising and your moon sign was Libra according to our system.Planets are so amazing that they reveal themselves in a new way everytime you look at them.Jupiter which is debilitated and as well as retrograde too, placed in your 3rd house aspecting your 9th house,the house of spiritualism and higher mind in a big way.When God is so kind He gives material suffering,only to prepare you for a spiritual journey.I strongly believe that you are part of that plan.Spiritually this birth is going to be a amazing journey for you.The placement of Saturn(exalted),Moon and Ketu in your 12th house is an added benefit for this journey.But you have to look at this in a new way,otherwise material sufferings may cause serious harm to your psyche.The subtle body is going under transformation and you have to develop a vairagya(different to detachment as well as attachment) outlook.Your this life is not for material achievements,but for spiritual transformation.

Jupiter,whose phase you are running through has every possibility in itself for a remarkable growth prospects.The sub-period of Venus which is running since 19-10-2004, and going to run upto 20-6-2007.This is most strong part of your life as far spiritual life is concerned.A very tough sadhna and occult practices are in the offing.

Let's have a look over the possibilities in the material world.Although for friends this time is not very good but I am foreseeing you with a person alien to your religion and community.Since October 2004 ha may be already in your life or about to come soon.Sometime this phase would disturb you with health problems like sugar and harmonal imbalance specifically for endocrine gland.You must be cautious and take care for jaundice as you may be prone to that too. Right now I am concentrating my mind only till June 2007.

I also wish to add few points for your personality development.You are very independant kind of person who like to apply your intellect in strong way but may be closed for criticism.Sometime you become too self-righteous that it is next to impossible to convince you.This is good for fast growth but bad for overall development.Anyway it is your life and you have to live it on your terms.I support you wholeheartedly for your independancy and individuality.

More in later posts.

Thanks for bear this much..