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I'm really looking foward to knowing my exact time of birth,though i know i was born between 9-10pm. 9 november. i want to know whether you can accurately read someone's birth chart with just the dates , and not including the time.

i have tried this and looks like everything i have read apllies to my personality, do you think they can be accurate? I didnt include my birth time.



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If you haven't done so already, you can do your chart on the free charts pages at the Astrodienst site at www.astro.com . I would suggest you do two charts: one with the earlier birth time and one with the later birth time. Does your rising sign change? Your moon? If so, look and see which of the choices seems to fit you best. Then, you can always work with what is called a "whole sign house system", in which one sign will equal one house and these won't vary if your birth time was slightly off. Or, go with a 9:30 time for any other house system (Astrodienst's default system is called Placidus, other common ones are the equal house system and the Koch system.) See whether any planets change house; and again, get a feel for what suits you best. As you learn more astrology, you may be able to rectify your chart more accurately.

In the meantime, see if you can find your accurate birth time on your birth certificate, hospital record, or Mom's baby book for you.
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