Hi everyone! It's been a while since I've been on, but I would just like to know what type of feedback you have toward this subject:
I couldn't decide whether to use equal, or placidus, and tropical, or sidereal, in order to find my dominant signs and planets. So what I did, was I took all the data regarding those subjects, compiled them, and averaged the powers of the same signs and the same planets. I think it is quite accurate for me. Would someone else maybe like to try it and tell me what they think? I know it's a lot of work, but do it if you are as desparate as me, in trying to find who you are. Here's what I found:

Elemental Power Levels (averaged):
Fire: 170.225 -2
Earth: 90.975 -4
Air: 136.425 -3
Water: 225.675 -1

Planetary Power Levels (averaged):
Sun: 87.55 -1
Moon: 63.1 -4
Mercury: 58.9 -5
Venus: 55.55 -6
Mars: 49.25 -8
Jupiter: 63.9 -3
Saturn: 48.3 -9
Uranus: 32.6 -10
Neptune: 50.75 -7
Pluto: 64.4 -2

Power of Signs (averaged):
Aries: 50.125 -6
Taurus: 13.65 -12
Gemini: 30.375 -10
Cancer: 38.15 -9
Leo: 60.15 -3
Virgo: 29.25 -11
Libra: 55.125 -4
Scorpio: 71.975 -2
Sagittarius: 44.9 -8
Capricorn: 48.1 -7
Aquarius: 50.925 -5
Pisces: 115.55 -1

Modal Qualities (averaged):
Cardinal: 191.475
Fixed: 196.725
Mutable: 220.15

How accurate do you think it is? All feedback is welcome.


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What is it that all these numbers tell you about yourself?

Choice of systems...Vedic or Western, tropical or sidereal, etc., is a matter of choice. Either alternative works.
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It is like greybeard says a matter of choice ultimately, many arguments have been leveled for and against each system, personally I use the Western Zodiac with the Placidus or Topocentric house system, but when reading a Vedic chart, I will only use Vedic analysis techniques. The same goes for reading an Equal signs chart, I only use the Modern techniques. I think there is a definite set of techniques to go with each kind of chart which will give different results.