Uncle Sam wants you... To read my chart :p

Hi, im new at this, i've been researching a little and i have some clues, but i want some others opinion about my chart.

Im curious... What can you say about my chart??.

And also what planets seem to be strongest. From what i know i think maybe Saturn, Pluto or maybe Mars, but im not an expert in this matter im only saying this because this planets are in their respective Zodiac signs.

any feedback would be apreciated :)



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Hi , you have a stellium in house 9 which is scorpio and 2 landlords in your house which is pluto and mars the respective rulers of scorpio


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Hmm i won't use strong influences cos all the planets are the same but i would say u will just have plenty of challenges in that house and because the landlords are in so it make the challenges even more stressful


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I don really know how to explain using my own words but that is what i understand from my teacher

maybe i can give u a example

for example House 8 rules life/death,shared resources , other people money

Mars in house 8 represent marriage or business partner may be a source of financial strain

Pluto in house 8 represent best if avoid business partnership

maybe put it in another word the impact is more extreme than those normal planets
ok thanks
Im taking a look to the 9th house and the planets placed.
Makes some sense.

Only one question: Venus in Libra, but also in the 8th house, what does it mean??? Seems like an odd placement and i don't find interpretations of that.


I get a very strong sense of justice from your chart because of combination of sign aspects and house placements. I would guess you are a very outspoken and passionate person but the soft side of you clashes with this theme. Just my two cents.

ps your chart is very dynamic, what do you do?
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This is very true i think. Thanks!
I will appreciate if you can give me some details, i mean planets or aspects, i want to understand.

Dynamic?? wow, cool... I dropped out highschool (expelled... it's complicated), im taking free exams , and currently unemployee. Beside of this, i have interests in humanities and arts. Play guitar, writting, paint a little. My interests and hobbies are very impractical, beside of martial arts that i did a little a few years ago, i hate sports.


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These are the interpretations from your venus aspects

- Can go far in achieving goals as native is very practical
- Relationships don seem to last thanks to your need for freedom
- Native may try to pass off universal love under an act of passion and so ends up sabotaging the self

Substiantial inheritance
Do look after your kidney
Financial gain through legacy


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With a stellium in the 9th House in Scorpio I suspect these these issues of Higher/Adult Education, and foreigners, overseas travel, and learning from other cultures will be important to you. Scorpio rules all that is taboo death, sex, mental illness, the occult (gothic music or death metal lol) scorpio is creative it needs to be because it gives expression to deep emotions. I think the humanities would be good for you to study. The meaning of life etc... (Still waters run deep). Jupiter provides luck to your stellium and these areas energise you (Mars). Because your M.C is in Scorpio I would make your career in this area, your compassion and sensitivity will be the key to you earning money, and your everyday service will be creative preformed (I think you would make a great teacher in higher education as teaching is a performance art). Getting kicked out of high school could be the best thing that happened to you as it teaches you to value education as an adult.

People see you as sensitive, creative and poetic, your slim, and people might think you drink too much (Pisces Rising) or are too dreamy.

Your partner (you might not marry officially) might have money $$$, and will be charming Venus in libra in the eight and I am guessing you could marry someone older squaring Saturn in Aquarius or get married during a saturn transit (or return). Your Saturn Return will be very Karmic, spiritual, and internal about humanity and friendships (this doesn't mean it will be easy) You might have trouble with your father or he has trouble with his health at Saturn transits. I see at least one really hard heartbreak in your life (chiron in the 7th).

Moon in Aries in 3rd House I think you might be close to your brother or a sibling mothers you. Your family home is stable and their sees to be a good relationship between your parents.