Unaspected Pluto and Saturn in 5


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Dear Members,

I'm currently struggling to interpret two unaspected planets in house 5: Saturn and Pluto. They are the rulers of 5 (pluto) and 7 (saturn). Both are love/relationship houses.

house 5
- self confidence, love, play, entertainment.

- (ego) structure, patience, seriousness, reliability

- power, jealousy, insight, emotional depth

I have read that unaspected planets mean the influences have a handicap in expressing themselves in a chart. Maybe having a larger imprint in personality than those planets that do have major aspects.

What is your experience with unaspected planets? And in particular:
do Saturn and Pluto in this house make someone reliable in relationships or would you say the opposite is true?


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Hi Rasalhague,

I truly believe that there are least aspected planets and perhaps its true we struggle to make them function, but in my opinion there are no UNASPECTED PLANETS.

A planet may not form any major aspects but there are the minor ones, the midpoints and maybe it aspects a cusp, the nodes, the vertex the equatorial ascedant, the part of fortune etc.

when i was starting learning astrology i was sure!! that my jupiter was unaspected. How untrue. It forms a sextile to my MC and a trine to my NN as well as minor aspects to my moon and mars and many more.........

Saturn and Pluto in 5th, in scorpio I presume, however being reliable and all that is an overall theme in a chart.
However, the house pluto is in shows where we take power from what we need to control, the house saturn is in is where we feel insecure and fear sth might go wrong so we strive more and we sometimew achieve more. See rich or really rich people with saturn in their 2nd houses.

I don't understand if those two planets are conjunct one another or not.
Because if they are, they are not unaspected.

Are you demanding with your relationships?
Do they try to control you?

Do you let them to?

If you need more i need feedback from you
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