Ultimate Movie Moments by Sign?


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I feel like Libra movies are anything with a good love story or are just plain fun to watch like Dirty Dancing (Nobody puts Baby in a corner), The Notebook (when Allie forgot who Noah was, I died a little inside- that's a bit Scorpio-like too), Clueless (Cher's persona in general is hilarious), etc. I've never really thought about this, does anyone has any other suggestions? Because chick flicks are so obvious for Libra's lol.

I agree. I've watched Clueless so many times, and it's always fun to me.

Alicia Silverstone is Libra herself. :smile:


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CHER IS SO LIBRA in Clueless. That makes me kind of sad - Brittany Murphy was in there. So beautiful. I'm going to look up her sign now.

Another movie: Black Swan. I'd have to say Capricorn or Virgo.... and Scorpio (Vincent Cassel). The perfectionism Nina is obsessed with has got to be Capricorn - but twisted with leo moon maybe???? Help me out with this one. I love the movie.