UK Fuel Depot Explosion.


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Hi all,

Last Sunday in England there was a tremendous explosion at an oil depot which could be heard up to a hundred miles away according to some sources. The explosion shook the earth, blew down houses and took out walls, windows and doors. The smoke plume from the series of explosions covered such a large area it could be seen from space. Miraculously no-one was killed, as being a Sunday no-one was working at the depot.

I was just wanting to know, does anybody know the official time of the first explosion? I thought this might be an interesting event chart.

Also, this event was taken to be an accident, but could it be some sort of terrorist warning? An event chart might reveal such clues.


Draco :wink:


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Hi Draco

One of the newspapers said around 6:00 AM. Another said just before dawn! A big difference.

Statistically, these thing usually happen between 3 and 6 ie the end of a night shift. But if there was noone working nights??? :?:

Hasn't someone on this board mentioned some sort of fuel crises forcast for this winter? Or did I read it in this month's TMA? All I remember was it was something to do with Neptune (ruling fuels/oils/gases etc). I think the forcast was for the USA, but the coincidence struck.

Anyway, sorry I'm not much help



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Draco: Maybe this will help?
December 11, 2005 15:14 IST
Last Updated: December 11, 2005 15:33 IST

Three large explosions struck an oil depot near Luton airport, northwest of London on Sunday.

Police said the first blast happened at the Buncefield oil depot, close to the junction 8 of the M1 motorway 20 kms from Luton Airport at 11:30 am IST.

Residents from the scene reported hearing a loud boom. Witnesses said two other explosions followed soon after.

A spokesman said police at the scene have reported some casualties.

Eyewitness Sam Matton, who lives near the depot told BBC, "The sky is sort of orange. The flames have got to be 60ft up in the air. I was in bed, I was actually having a bad dream and I thought the world had ended. The loft hatch in my house has actually fallen out, my neighbour's window has broken from the impact. I am about three miles from where the explosion took place but I can see flames high in the sky and smoke billowing everywhere."

Duncan Milligan of Hemel Hempstead said, "There was a first major explosion and about three explosions after that".

"There was a loud boom and the house shook violently. I could see smoke billowing everywhere," he said.

The blast was so powerful that it was heard in many parts of London.

Another witness Dave Franklin said, "There was a massive loud bang, which broke windows above us and to the right. The whole sky just turned orange and black. Several other neighbours said they saw a plane go into the depot."

However, a police spokesman was quoted saying that the explosions were being treated as an accident and reports that a plane was involved were unfounded.

Luton airport is used for budget and charter flights to destinations in Britain and abroad. The area is close to the M1 motorway which links London to the north of England, a section of which was immediately closed.

A reporter for Sky News television said he heard a 'low, loud rumbling' near Saint Albans, the biggest town in the immediate area, at around 6 am followed by a massive explosion.

Malcolm Stewart, who drivers a tanker at the terminal, said there were 20 tanks on the site, each holding three million gallons of fuel.


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Hi Draco

I just read on the BBC news site:

That it happened just after 6:00 AM and 43 people were injured.

If the depot worked a shift system, 0600 would be a very confusing time, with shift handovers etc .Especially if there was no nightshift. (A sunday morning is probably the worst of the week.)

Also from the BBC new site:

Where a Man was killed in an explosion at an Aerosol factory near LIverpool.

A gas explosion in a New Jersey apartment building.

All explosions involving Neptunian themes.

Are there more to follow? I wonder if there's another common link?



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Hi all

C1 thanks for that link.

...So we have Mars stationed in Taurus, conjunct the moon, with Jupiter, Neptune and Saturn at 4 corners of the square?

Treating this very simplistically:

With Mars in T suggesting a fire underground and Neptune in AQ in the 3rd house (near petrochemicals/fuels/gases etc)? The firefighters can't control it (Mars sq Sat in leo and Mars opp Jup in Sco), its burning too fiercly (Jup) underground (Sco in 12)? (Without access to my other PC, I can't work out where Sat in 9th fits into this - I'm not a beginner, i'm more 'still in utero'!! :oops: )

With Uranus trining Jupiter and sextiling Mars, is that where the explosions come in? And the square to Merc - a computer breakdown?

Of course, I'm assuming I've calculated this right! I used 06:30 and Equal houses, btw.

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