UFOs should have arrived - 14 October 2008 !


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Any sign of them? Apparently not.
I have seen stories published on the net lately regarding the arrival of extraterrestrial beings on our planet today. See this video for instance http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6DKI93lBMI4

No planets were out of bounds today, that is beyond Sun's max declination limits, so this I think a good argument that the whole story was a scam. In all other cases of UFO stories, there were oob planets. For instance, at the time of the Roswell incident Uranus was oob.

Besides Lilith is conjunct the Galactic Center which is another sign of false prediction concerning the ETs.

So, why the big fuss then? Is someone enjoying the media propaganda intoxication or this is just some mental disturbed people in action?


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maybe shes talking about the full moon... long shot but maybe its all metaphorical. the full moon lasts about "3 - 24 hour periods"
I was thinking the same thing... where are they? The full moon was nice.. but I thought it would an odd time for them to try and communicate while Mercury was in retrograde.