Two Stories from 'Way of the Sufi' by Idries Shah


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A Sufi once knew, through prescience, that a city would shortly be attacked by an enemy. He told his neighbor, who realized that he was a veracious but simple man, and who advised him:
'I am sure that you are right, and you should go and tell the monarch. But, if you want to be believed, please say that you divined it, not by wisdom, but by astrology. Then he will act, and the town may be saved.'
The Sufi did so and the townspeople were delivered through the correct precautions being taken.

The King Who Divined His Future

A king who was also an astrologer read in his stars that on a certain day and at a particular hour a calamity would overtake him.
He therefore built a house of solid rock and posted numerous gaurdians outside.
One day, when he was within, he realized that he could still see daylight. He found an opening which he filled up, to prevent misfortune entering. In blocking this door he made himself a prisoner with his own hands.
And because of this the king died.