two signs on a house


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Hello everybody!

Can you, please, tell me how to interpret two signs on an astrological house and two houses on the same sign?
For example, I have Taurus and Aries on my 10th house and Aquarius on my 7th house and 8th house.
Thank you!


Hello -

I think you are speaking about intercepted houses, where one whole sign is 'buried' within the house.

This results in 4 houses bearing the same sign in the chart.

Look into interceptions, and note where the ruler of the 'buried' sign is located in the chart - as well as any planets in the house.

Intercepted houses are quirky - they require you to knock on the door of the house they are in, and gain permission to visit the 'buried' house.

Buried is not a bad meaning - you could say hidden or concealed as well.

Sometimes, an intercepted sign is not even present in the chart, but for the location of the sign's ruler elsewhere in the chart, or planets in the intercepted sign/house.

now that you're really confused.....