Two miscarriages - what is wrong?


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I have been trying to conceive for around eight months. My own analysis was making me suspicious of my potential to conceive. As it turns out - i was right. I have had two consecutive miscarriages, both early on and both without reason (despite some fertility testing).

However, what concerns me even more is that i am currently going through my saturn return at the moment. I feel that this is causing all this devastating stuff to happen and i feel really negative, low and depressed at the moment. This is exacerbated by the grand square saturn forms from the 7th house to the 5th house planets. Also, what concerns me is that the mean node is transiting with Jupiter and that a transiting uranus is angling my natal Moon. I feel that things are only going to get worse.

I also feel that i am heavily obstructed by the fact that my natal chart is not 'conducive' to having children - heavy virgo presence, leo on the fifth house, venus in its fall sign, moon in aries in the 12th...

Is anyone able to offer any light on my chances in this area?

Therefore, i would like other to shed light on:

- which pointers could suggest miscarriage in transits?
- problems conceiving?
- medical intervention with sustaining a pregnancy?
- having children despite the above difficulties.


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