Two horary charts to compare (pregnancy)


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Hello there,

I want you to show you something and I think astrology lovers will adore it.
The first horary i did it one month after I had surgery in which i lost a baby and a fallopian tube.. I asked if in 2021 i will get pregnant again...
The second horary I did it today... And i am asking if I have another child... Yes you propably understand that I did got pregnant on 2021 and have my daugther, so the outcome of the first chart was a yes...
To the horary i did today i noticed something....... all house gusps are the same to the exact point as the first..So significators are also the same... Of course the planets are in different places but still i suprised when i saw it...
So what do you think of both charts? As for the first chart I didn't see the pregnancy, the significators were in barren signs, the house gusps of 1,5, 8 houses though were in fertile signs. Also no connections between the significators. I got pregnant after 7 months after i did the horary...
Now to the second chart there is an appentix square between the significators so I think is a no answer...
Do you please want to share any thoughts about those charts?
Thank you


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Also I want to say that I asked the question today and after 1 hour I saw in my database that i had kept the horary of 2021 and i just opened it...I mean that it wasn't on purpose that I asked this question today...


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Interesting! The 2021 'yes' chart was very watery with the Pisces asc, Neptune conjunct, Cancer 5th house, and angular Moon.

With regards to the 2nd chart are you actively trying for a baby?


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Thank you Chrysalis for your answer...
Yes we are try without anxiety though, we just enjoy it!!
But out of nowhere today, i was sitting at my office, this question "came" and I made a horary....


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The 2nd chart shows you are once again fertile with the Pisces asc, Neptune conjunct, and 5th ruler in the 5th. The Moon is also opposing Pluto from the 5th house and Vertex opposes Neptune. So, I do see this chart as another yes, but this time around there 'could' be difficulties as 8th ruler Mars applies to square the nodes at 18°Libra/Aries.


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Very interesting, I didn't notice the nodes at all and I didn't know that are so important... So the nodes are my vitality? my health? I see that are angular, is this state something?
And by difficulties you mean, difficulties in future pregnancy or difficulties on get pregnant?
Thank you again for all the helpful information...
I'm an amateur in astrology but love to learn!


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The first chart shows the Moon applying to Neptune in 1st fitting with the 7 month period.
So you must take Neptune into the picture as well in the second chart. However, you must also recognise that Saturn has now moved into the first sign, which might indicate delays to the matter. The Moon has left the 5th sign and is separating from a trine to Neptune, opposing Pluto and the Sun from the 6th to the 12th (health issues?) and then coming into a square with Jupiter. You will have news for us in about 6 months about this issue to tell us whether that opposition meant a health problem and whether that square (dynamic aspect) means a pregnancy or not. I believe the answer for now is no.


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First chart:
In traditional Horary baby Moon applying to Ascendant (mom) and making contact within 7 units (7 months).
Moon and Jupiter (extremely beneficial in 11th house of hopes and wishes) in neutral signs.

Second chart :
The Sun prohibited a aspect between mother (Jupiter) and baby (Moon).
Moon opposes Sun, that’s almost the same as combustion (full moon).
It could be health issues (Sun is ruler of 6th house).
Lord 8 (Mars) is on the 11th cusp of house of hopes and wishes.
It doesn’t looks promising...
I think it’s a no answer.


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Thank you all for your anwers.
I also think that the 2nd chart is not promising for my question.
You scared me though about the health issues... Before summer I started to have psycological issues probably postnatal depression and I'm still not so good but better... Probably all that that I've been through, will have impacts in my general health eventually..
Thank you again...