Two different wedding charts! 5 days apart!


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Update: An astrologist suggested I try neither chart but use a third. The new date is on Feb 24th. I've posted the chart below. I think this third chart is a lot better than the first two that I created.

-Venus in Pisces in the 7th trining Cancer Moon (a loving homelife)
-Jupiter conjunct Sun in Pisces on Descendant (happiness/luck)
-Nadir is Sagg...and its ruler is well placed.

Although Saturn is in the 2nd, it is exalted in Libra and trine the MC by 1. My finance has always been "lucky" when it comes to earning income, so the astrologer suggested we "dump" Saturn in that house because it must go somewhere. ;)

I think it is a very pretty chart. Interestingly, the ASC is conjunct my Venus.


The two charts I had my eye on are below. But I believe the one above is much better. :)


Feb 19th:
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Courtney Love

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I don't know enough to elect a day to take a bath, but is anyone else bothered by saturn in the second squaring pluto? And the first & seventh houses intercepted?

Raindrops, can you explain what you like about these charts?


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I liked the fact that Venus is in her exaltation (Pisces), conjunct the Moon and conjunct Jupiter in its rulership (Pisces). The Moon and Venus are two very important planets in a marriage chart (love & home). All three are supported by Pluto by a sextile. I've cast about 300 charts looking for a marriage date, and this one had this beautiful aspect as well as being relatively stress free (there aren't any horrible squares in it).

Although Saturn squares Pluto, I like the fact that it doesn't make any other squares to personal planets - the Sun, Moon, Venus, Merc, Mars, etc.

Although I'm not extremely fond of the sun conjuncting Neptune, both in their fall and detriment (Aquarius), at least there aren't any major squares to Venus, the Moon or Saturn, etc.

I know the chart isn't perfect, but I thought it looked relatively peaceful and full of love?
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The Venus/Moon/Jupiter is exactly conjunct my fiance's MC and trine his Jupiter. This conjunction is also opposite my Venus and sextile my Jupiter. :love: My Venus is on the marriage chart's ASC.

The MC of the chart is conjunct our natal Chirons. Our natal Chirons are opposite his natal Venus and my natal Mars/Uranus conjunction. :andy:
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Feb 24th:

-Venus in Pisces in the 7th trine Moon in Cancer.
-Jupiter conjunct the Sun in Pisces on the 7th house Cusp
4th house (The Home) is Sagg.
-Cancer Moon trine Pisces Venus and Pisces Jupiter.
-Saturn is in the 2nd, but it is also in Libra (its exaltation) and its depositor is beautifully aspected Venus. Saturn trines the MC by 4.

It isn't perfect, but it isn't horrible. :)

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I would like to see both natals with progressions and transits.

I wouldn't want Saturn in 2nd house:whistling: The husband's financial support is shown by the second house of the chart and the eighth house the WIFE'S contribution.

I really wouldn't want a Yod in a marriage chart either.

If we want marriage to last than we must stick to these rules regarding wedding chart:
  • fixed ASC
  • Moon must not be in Scorpio
  • Venus and Mars must be in easy applying aspect
  • Sun or Moon must not have applying aspect with Uranus
  • Venus must be direct and so must mercury and mars
  • Saturn, Mars, Uraus, Pluto must not be in angular house
  • ruler of ASC and ruler of DSC must be in easy applying aspect
  • Ruler of ASC must not be in conjunction with Saturn
On Feb 19th mercury is unaspected!!!
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Astrologer50 --- Thank you for all the information you sent me!!

According to the info you sent me, if the wife made the proposal of marriage, then she is the 1st house. That is exactly what occured! So I believe this means that the groom is the 7th house and his money is the 8th and so on and so forth.

Btw, an astrologist saw the charts for the 14th and 19th and suggested I try the 24th (chart posted above). The chart looks a lot better, imo!! (Except for that darned Saturn... ;)). My bf has always had luck with making money -- in fact, that has always been our blessing. So the astrologist suggested we "dump" Saturn in that house since it must go somewhere! :whistling:
Well if you are going to dump Saturn -- I would chose a 'cadent' house preferably 12th. It's very hard and time consuming doing event charts and I had been looking for myself.

Also when you have almost settling on a chart, put your natal around the outside,to see which or if both of your will relate well to this chart. You may be surprised.

Also you can use transits and progressions of this event chart to, so getting it right is pretty damned important. Make sure nothing is retrograde, aspecting saturn or uranus (unless sextile or trine). You need easy Saturn aspects, as Saturn acts as 'cement'

1) didn't like the Yod
2) unaspected mercury (problems in communicating)
3) much better -- just fiddle with the time to see if you can move into 'cadent' house

best of luck --

Why you S~O set on having Virgo Asc and late pm pronouncement of 'I do?' I'd be surprised if you can get a Registrar to do anything after 5pm without being charged mega bucks.

Courtney Love

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IN magi astrology, they believe in aspects with silly names, but that Saturn quincunx Venus is horrible, and it's only 1 degree apart. I always try and find the charts of couples who've been married for ages, and they just do not have negative saturn/venus or saturn/chiron aspects in their charts...

I think Saturn would restrict the love and the financial success of your wedding/married life, exhalted or not.


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I chose that time (5:40p) because that is exactly when Jupiter conjuncts the DESC -- while also having a good Nadir. My significant other has a well-aspected Jupiter on the DESC in Sagg and he can slip on a banana peel and find $500 under it. He is the luckiest person I've ever met. It makes everything else in life fairly simple :w00t:. I thought I'd use that same aspect for good measure. :tongue:
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My two cents on what else you can do so that you might choose between these three (but first, please know that all these three dates are very good !)
- choose the date when transiting planets have best aspects to the natal charts
- the Moon is best when in the First Quarter or Gibbous phase
- look at all Moon aspects on each date and choose the day when those are most harmonious