Twin flame journey, I am lost


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I fell in love with this Capricorn, he is embodiment of everything I am looking for in a partner, and I know it in my gut that we have potential to last very long time. He lives 2000 miles away from me, and right only thing stopping me from moving there is my current, bad financial situation. I don't want to lose him just because I hit a rough patch due to covid, but I am ready to do anything it takes for this to succeed. Do you think we will be starting something this year, or do you see me in his life at all? Will my financial situation get any better?





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I personally think that both your questions might be better answered in a horary forum.

You would need to cast a natal chart for the time you thought of these two questions. You can use the timestamp in your original post here in this thread.

Then I might suggest your posting it in the Horary forum under Relational Issues. And just upload the horary chart.
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