Turkey and the new astrological year


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Hello friends,

I read some things in "The Annotated Raphael’s Mundane Astrology" book (2013) and they made me scared.

This Mundane Astrology book says that "to know the fate of a nation for the next year, the first thing to look is the Spring Equinox' transit chart and its relation to the natal chart of your country."

Then, first we need the Sun's Aries Ingress chart, which is the Astrological New Year, or the "exact moment of Spring Equinox."

After that, we make this Equinox transit chart and the natal chart of your country shown together. Then we see which transiting planets of the Equinox fall in whcich houses of the natal chart of your country.

So, when we unite these charts, if a bad planet in the Spring Equinox chart falls into an important house in the natal chart, then we will have problems about that field in said county.

Example: if transiting Mars of the Equinox chart falls in your countries 2nd house = you may have an economic crisis.

I am from Turkey and the last Astrological New Year chart (20 March 2022 18:33 for Ankara) and its transit to Turkey's natal chart scared me.

Here are the charts:


Transiting Mars in the 8th house of natal chart of Turkey. And Pluto enters the 8th house too, for the first time.

8th house? As we all know, it is about death, sex, and also big financial institutions, banks, very rich people, big money, debts and so on.

Pluto enters there for the first time!!! And will remain there for long years!!! Also Mars is there as well. I am scared guys.

What are your calculations, looking at this two charts?

My guesses: big financial crises, all the time, for long years. As you probably know, our economy is very bad at the moment. But what I am scared of is.. what if we become like Venezuella?

Your thoughts?