Trying to teach my sister about Astrology... but she doesn't seem too interested.


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So, the other day, I was telling my sister about Astrology. I tried my best to explain how the position of the planets and the houses they fall in and also the way the planets affect/interact with each other could all influence your personality.

Afterwards, our convo went something like this:

Me: Your moon is in Virgo, so you tend to be unemotional. Your moon sign influences your emotions.

Her: Yeah, that's true. I can be quite cold. Even the guys I used to date all told me I was cold. I've always been good at controlling my emotions as well. I never take my emotions to work with me. I stay cool and collected.

Me: Your Venus is in Pisces, but it's squared by Saturn. That could be why you're cold in relationships. But it's in the 8th house, so deep down you do crave and need that emotional intimacy.

Her: Square Saturn? What's that? Is it supposed to be bad? What does square mean? What the hell is an 8th house? I don't get it.

Me: I mean... yeah. Because your Venus makes a negative aspect to Saturn, and since Venus is the planet of romance that influences that area of your life and it interacts negatively with Saturn, that's why you may experience that cold behavior. The 8th house is the house of secrets, intimacy, and blah blah blah. Any planet that falls in this house will make it that way.

Her: Oh, I see.

Yup, and that's where it ends. Does anyone know better ways to get my sister more interested in Astrology? It's frustrating when I have to explain everything and how it works, but to her it seems too complex. Like, I even told her to watch some youtube videos about it, but she never does!!!

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I see two options - you can let her be and take her lack of enthusiasm as a sign that you shouldn't waste your time, or depending on how good you are at reading the chart, you can say some very invasive things about her that she has never told you or you don't think she would want you to know. Say the behaviours first, don't confuse her mind with jargon, but disarm her with direct and relevant insight. Then you could take it slow and use keywords.

Saturn means "restriction". Squares are stressful. Venus is "love" etc

This ain't systematic but it's a start to get your juices flowing.

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The second option is unethical, obviously. And she has a right to privacy (or at least, you might not want to disclose those things to her which she would like to keep private). If its just a matter of her finding it too complex, the answer would be to simplify. It might help you to solidify astrological concepts in your head if you can find a simple way to convey this knowledge to her (feynman technique)


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Or it could be that her Moon in Virgo and her Saturn square to Venus in Pisces leaves her uninterested in the study of Astrology.

It might be too 'weird' for her Virgoan taste. And the Saturn square represses her Piscean impulse to look more into it for now. It might take awhile.

Maybe if you offer to look at charts of her potential future dates, she would be more interested?