Trying to find a good day to talk to my boss about pay


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I'm looking for a good day to talk to my boss about my pay. Hopefully I can find a good day to talk to him in the next couple of weeks. I'm not really certain what to even look for in a chart.

The ruler of my 10th house is either Neptune (modern) or Jupiter (trad). Neptune is currently transiting my 9th house and forms an applying square to my natal Moon and an applying trine to my natal Mercury. This I would think may be a slight positive.

Jupiter is currently transiting the 5th house and applying to conjunct my natal Mercury within 3 orbs and is also quintile natal Jupiter.

Seems I could wait a bit for Jupiter to get closer to Mercury... Or maybe I should talk now?

Any thoughts?


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Check this out

If you're working with a window of a couple of weeks, you're going to be contending with an afflicted Mercury for the time period, in the first days by Saturn, and then by Mars/Pluto shortly thereafter. Around the 10th you have Mercury square Mars but importantly Mars rules Mercury so that's is a mitigating effect. Venus will be around mid-Gemini then so it'll be conjunct your Moon and trine your Sun. As she is your sect benefic and ruler of your Sun, that might be a good time to go through with it, if you do decide to take the route of an astrologically picked time to do it. You could also wait a little bit until mid- May when Mercury goes into Taurus and breaks the malice of the square aspect by going into Taurus - which Capricorn trines by whole sign. You could play with the dates and see what you come up with.
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