Truth; Aquarius, Serpentarius, Astronomolgy.

What is your view on this?

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Please read all.
Share any insightful knowledge.

Using tropical 12 signs separates Western society and eastern society and that is why we do not use it systematically at this point in time.

We need to start using 13 signs and realize 12 signs are no longer right for us on Earth, we are not living in 200AD Anymore, it is 2014 AD.

Movie Collection; Scorpion King and the Mummy.

In the Scorpion king ; Dwayne Johnson, someone very well known for being a Scorpio plays the Scorpion King in a clan who are enemy to the Maji (real sacred protectors of earths history)

In the Film the Mummy, Brendan Fraser, an Ophiuchus, is starred in a film with Imhotep, who is Ophiuchus's representative, they then go into war with the Scorpio King (Ophiuchus vs Scorpio) and Brendan Fraser and Imhotep come out victorious. Mm how interesting. :p

(Of course then Brendan Fraser/Rick O'connel, playing Ophiuchus kills Imhotep and saves his wife)

I'm going to talk about Ptomelys system of astrology and what i and many others believe is real the real astrology.

For the last 2000 years, we have been using Ptomelys system of astrology, this was our step for the Age of Pisces.
Due to the procession of the equinoxes, which is a slight shift in the magnetic poles and axis of Earth, we are now out of allignment with the Tropical Zodiac.

The updated tropical (forward 20 degree's-accurate to the seasons) is the sidereal zodiac.
From this shift, we can now see, Ophiuchus, or Ptomely named Serpentarius, is also in the ecliptic.

Serpentarius is the key to our next step into the Aquarian age, he heals all that Scorpio has corrupted.

Throughout the last 2000 years, Male Power, or sexual power has been a prime negative of life.

Serpentarius is the healer, the two key words for Serpentarius, are HEALING and UNDERSTANDING.

Now you might say " But Astrology is not based on the real positions it's based on the seasons"
This is not true, That is only true of Ptomelys system.

The Egyptians worshipped the gods through real astrology, as did the mayans, as did the sumerians, the Egyptian GODS were based on the planets, and they used the real positions.

Ophiuchus or Serpentarius, is a key. It is a key to harmony.
Ophiuchus is a water sign, but it's representative, Enki, is the god of Earth.

Ptomelys system keeps us as western capitalists.
Ptomelys system keeps the world as a masculine empire.
Ptomelys system keeps us out of touch of reality.

Using natural 13 signs, keep us as a humantarian whole.
Using natural 13 signs, keeps femine and masculine equal.
Using natural 13 signs, brings in reality.
Using natural 13 signs brings us into Aquarius.
Using natural 13 signs you are being true to yourself and the heavens, and not following a White man roman empire.

Here is Ophiuchus/Serpentarius, walking over Scorpio.
Ophiuchus is deleting Masculine power over earth, and returning it to the natural ways, Feminine power.

Pisces was the age of male power, but Aquarius, Aquarius is an age of female power, and humanitarian unity, global collective consciousness, the next step from Pisces.


13 signs symbolises feminine power.

12 signs symbolises Male Power

Ptomely wanted a Male empire, Serpentarius is the divination of feminine.

This is the constellation of the water-bearer.

Clearly depicting Ophiuchus is showing and Scorpio is covered.

What does this show?
It shows power is not part of the Aquarian age, as it was in Pisces, and Serpentarius (Divination knowledge) is the new key!

This is why Pluto has been de-moted!

Men are not the same in the age of Aquarius, we are more feminine, and concerned with creativity, image and expression, i beleive women will have the power in the Aquarius age.

It's sort of a switch..


Antares is now in Ophiuchus, Scorpio is leaving (Scorpio & Aquarius do not mix)
and Pluto has been de-moted to a dwarf.

The 13 sign chart is the chart with the real degree's accurate to Ophiuchus and Scorpio, Scorpio is being pushed out by Ophiuchus.
Scorpio is now 8 degree's long and Ophiuchus is 25.

It isn't currently possible for the 12 sign tropical to still be accurate, no one seems to be aware of the change, femininity (Serpentarius) moves in Aquarius and power (Scorpio) is healed, thats how we've entered Aquarius .

I've drawn up 13 sign charts for everyone in my family and it is 100% accurate.

he other reason people are still matching Tropical is because the FIXED STARS of the signs are not in there original places anymore.
For example i have Vega from Capricorn conjunct my Sagittarius Moon, and Piscis Austrinis and Dega Agibe from the southern fish of Aquarius with my Saturn, which clears my Saturn in Pisces.

Piscis Austrinis (Formehault) is the stage we are now moving into.

The Tropical is just a system to look at the stars that keeps it within society.
As soon as you take in the actual locations, it becomes a very real 'science.
In the age of Pisces, or even when Ptomely created the tropical, we did not have the technology to keep it as that, and now we do.

Astronomers found the accurate birth date of Jesus was March 1st, -6BC.

Ok, now this might sound crazy (It does to me)
But Justin Bieber, was born or March 1st 1994(6years before 2000 AD), He has Sun conjunct Saturn in Aquarius, Piscis austrinis.
His North node is conjunct Pluto in Scorpio, this is how we change society, along with SATURN (SOCIETY) being in Formehaut.

Justin Bieber is most defiently connected with bringing the Aquarius age in, he is the definition of Aquarius, he bears the water(music) through creation, and says that *all you need is music and a beat* - Which is the theme for the Aquarian age.

He even calls his fans "Beliebers".

This is our first Aquarian age in the age of civilization that started at the birth of Jesus, Justin Bieber actually shows the theme for us this time around.
Music, image, expression, relationships, ego and the group collective.

Watch this video and you will see the difference between an Aquarian and a Piscean!

JB clearly shows where the generation of my age are moving.

But everyone is bringing the movement. It is the age of the group collective, this is what we need to see!
Aquarius has officialy began now, we've left the dawning year, i think once we go into the Chinese Wood Horse, and leave the Water Snake(Serpentarius), things are going to start Speeding up..

If you would like the degree's for the 13 sign chart comment below or you can buy one online for £10.

I have studied this for a long time, in much depth, and it is very much real.

We can only progress astrology ourselves, If you are not born into the Aquarian age, then you will probably not agree with me and will want to stick to the past, but Aquarius is about progression!

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Bump message.

Well, after the first lengthy message, this second post add-on has tossed me a real curve ball. What does it mean to "Bump message."?

As for your first major posting—whew!

I'm all for an age of balance having the feminine returning to it's position of parity with the masculine yet including Jesus and Justin Bieber in the same context is ... out there! As a long time musician I'm down with, "all you need is music and a beat" but JB has to walk on water or something more than love his monkey to be considered equal to JC. But to be fair, history will judge. In 2000 years followers of Bieber may insist I stand corrected.

The idea of adding a 13th sign... sure, whatever works. Did you know there is a move to break the state of California up into as many as 6 separate states yet I'm not sure it will solve the problems people are faced with. But of course, raise yet more flags for people to salute and coddle their ego, believing yet again they have found "THE WAY" of truth—politically, religiously, philosophically, whatever...

The missing link in astrology is not the system used. It is the recognition that these mediums of study are to steer us into our own self unfolding. Even a "wrong turn" provides insight if we persist on the quest. The physical universe is forever changing yet that does not change the primary focus of our incarnation. The human ego is very clever when exalting a belief system. We can find every bit of support and justification to make it believable—at least to ourself. And when we've convinced everybody else, well... it must be true.

It is the journey of discovery not the process that is important.

When someone reads a holy book that has been written thousands of years ago, translated a number of times and republished over and over, how can someone trust the truth of what some consider the "original" over any subsequent translation or new philosophy? It is not the stuff of content which provides wisdom. It is the personal quest it's self which is the reward. Ultimately any enlightenment comes from a connection of consciousness with a force far greater then stars, planets and astrological systems. The harvest provided from tilling the astrological soil is the reward of self discovery. The artful contemplation of astrology is a medium to channel the mind towards a higher level of consciousness—not unlike or exclusive from other disciplines.

At this point of your poll and pitch for a New and Improved astrological system, I would only say, "Put it to the test." Begin applying your modifications in your readings and share the good and bad of it with your astrological community. You've made a case here for 13 signs. Why not 14? Surely there are enough constellations to go around. I just think you need to apply your theory to the nuts and bolts of astrology and time will prove the worth of your system.

I do give you kudos for stretching the box of our consideration. Now, post Justin Bieber's chart with 13 signs and show us how it works.