Trust issues, self esteem issues


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What are aspects that indicate someone has trust issues to a point when they truly believe that if they are not perfect for someone or some people, their significant other/friends/family will leave them, blatantly criticize them and they'll be left alone, or be a burden. Someone that isn't comfortable with their weaknesses, or imperfections and will go to great lengths to fix their "perceived flaws"?

But when they do their "best" and get criticism, others competing or being jealous of them, or thinking it is insignificant, it leads them to go back to their lonely lives and go inwards. So they continue to go around feeling worthless.

Someone that truly believes that when they get pregnant and fat, their husband will cheat or if a more beautiful and interesting person comes along, they will lose the person. So they don't date although the person is quite beautiful herself.

But I will say this that her child hood was awful, and so were her teenage years and early adulthood (but during these three to four years, things looked like it improved for her).

She also has identity issues and once I've oddly seen her shift from the calm and composed advice giver to giving the expressions of a child when she is hurt, her voice almost cracking as she held back tears, calling another person names like she was young again. Her body language giving off bratty child vibes.

I can't post her chart but I do want to see problems like this in someone's chart.


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The problems in and of themselves don't show in the chart. It's possible for trust issues and self esteem issues to heal. It's also possible for new ones to be created where they didn't exist before. But the birth chart remains the same throughout your life. If trust and self esteem issues did show in the birth chart, change wouldn't be possible.

What does show in the chart is the possible ways for those issues to manifest. But without the native's input, you won't know that they have those issues in the first place and you won't know which of the possible ways shown in the chart are showing up for them.


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Personal planets in hard aspect to saturn (particularly the square) can cause lower trust and self-esteem, as well as trouble becoming emotionally close to people.

The moon conjunct or square the nodal axis with a hard aspect from mars or saturn can give mental instability which relates to trust and self-esteem.