Trump & the Environment: Natal Indications

dr. farr

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Basic attitudes of an individual regarding the environment can often be estimated by analysis of the natal chart, especially by examining the PART OF EARTH in that chart. The formula for finding the Part of Earth in a diurnal horoscope is: ascendant+Jupiter- Saturn.

In the Trump natal, the Part of Earth falls @ 23Scorpio36. It is in the 4th whole sign house, and is disposited by Mars. The Part of Earth is squared by 1st house Mars, and quincuncx 11th house Sun. the Sun being the ruler of the Trump nativity, and Mars the co-ruler. The Part of Earth is also trined by Venus and is in partile trine with Saturn, both of these planets being in Cancer and in the 12th whole sign house.

With these configurations involving the Part of Earth I suggest that the Earth-ie, the ENVIRONMENT- IS a matter of importance to Trump, the Part of Earth being angular in the 4th house (which is the house of the environment); further, the trines from Venus and Saturn indicate that Trump DOES CARE about the environment (trine from Venus) and that it is a serious matter to him (trine from Saturn).

However, the Part of Earth is afflicted by Mars and by the Sun, which are the 2 most important planets in the Trump natal. I suggest this implies that Trump is willing to DISREGARD environment IF AND WHEN DOING SO FAVORS HIS OWN PERSONAL, ECONOMIC OR POLITICAL AGENDA. If environmental issues stand in the way of his achieving his own economic or political goals-then he will toss those environmental concerns out the window (with Sun and Mars as rulers of the chart, with Leo rising, with Mars in it, and with Regulus on his ascending degree, Trump will not allow ANY concern to stand in the way of what he wants to accomplish)
This surmise is further supported by other factors in the Trump natal:

+his Saturn is conjunct Venus in the 12th house under Cancer; Saturn = carbon (R.Bills), Cancer = liquids; "liquid carbon" = OIL, and the 12th house is related to oil and oil production (R.Bills) The conjunction of Saturn with Venus shows Trump's predisposition to "love of" oil industry interests; so he is disposed to favor oil industry interests over the environment (also Saturn is elevated above the Part of Earth in the chart)

+Uranus is the most elevated planet in the Trump natal, and is in his Sun sign (Gemini), conjunct the North Node and Parallel with the Sun. Uranus is affinitive to natural gas (R.Bills) so Trump here is predisposed to an affinity with the interests of the natural gas industry (Uranus in house of friends, the 11th, parallel the Sun), and Trump will favor the interests of the natural gas industry over the environment.

In summary, while HIS OWN CONCEPTION of the environment IS important to Trump, nonetheless he will NOT allow environmental issues to get in the way of HIS economic or political agendas; he will favor oil and natural gas producers interests over environmental concerns, and he will follow HIS OWN thoughts and desires over any other inputs, data or opinions regarding the environment.