True love or fake love?


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* Darren's Pisces union conjunct Jennie's Pisces psyche/moon/mercury/mars
* Darren's Capricorn karma conjunct s Jennie's Capricorn Venus
* Darren's libra psyche conjunct s Jennie's libra ceres
* Darren's Gemini vertex conjunct Jennie's Gemini descendant
* Darren's Leo Venus/Saturn/MC conjunct s Jennie's Leo north node/vertex
* Darren's Taurus moon/chiron conjunct Jennie's Saturn
Link to our charts below:
I have a feeling.. or a gut feeling that there is some information missing and i am only seeing the positive things between you both.

Understandable, why shed a shadow of doubt over something you have hopes for?

The link is dead so i cannot see anything, but i would like it if you shared the bad aspects too, bad ones are also there to serve as learning tools, much like a person with a square or opposition, through time a person can choose to dedicate some time and thinking to improving a flaw they have. In this case it would be to communicate between the couple on a understandable level if this is possible, and turn that into action at a steady pace you both are capable of staying on.
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Just based on the list you provided, it's not most fuzzy feeling relationship.

What do you have after you blow away the asteroids? Any significant inner planet aspects or angles?