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The argument is generally Tropical Zodiac vs. Sidereal Zodiac but I a lot of people say that aspects of both Zodiacs resonate with them. Which has lead me to believe that both Zodiacs are correct. But how can they be reconciled? I've spent some time putting together a theory that allows for both Zodiacs to actually work together. I was hoping to gain a little feedback from you all - if this theory already exists, if there's something I've missed that should be included, if there's something that I've missed that's incorrect, etc. I'm not here to argue, so don't worry about that. I just want to at least have a personal belief that's solid from an astrological point-of-view so I'm willing to make further adjustments if needed.

My understanding is that the Sidereal Zodiac represents planets, luminaries, and asteroids passing through the constellations because axial precession causes the Tropical Zodiac to not align with the constellations and fixed stars. Because of this, a lot of people say that Tropical is incorrect and Sidereal is correct. But I’ve read that Ptolomy created the Tropical Zodiac separate from the constellations and that 1) There are 13 constellations that the planets, luminaries, and asteroids pass through, not 12, and 2) Some constellations are much larger than others so the planets and luminaries take longer to pass through those constellations than smaller ones. The Tropical Zodiac represents the path of the Sun around the Earth, or essentially Earth’s orbit. The Earth’s orbit does change over millennia but only ever moves either closer or further away from the Sun, the alignment of orbit to the Sun does not change. Which means the Tropical Zodiac is still present regardless of axial precession. The seasons themselves could completely reverse but the Earth’s orbit would remain the same and the Tropical Zodiac intact. Thus, the Earth constantly moves within a fixed Tropical Zodiac. In fact, each planet has its own fixed Tropical Zodiac

The constellations surrounding the solar system remain the same regardless of what planet you’re on. Thus the Sidereal Zodiac is fixed outside the solar system. As a planet passes through a sign (quadrant) within the Sidereal Zodiac, it falls under the influence of the energy of that quadrant, that planet’s energy then passes through the quadrants of the Tropical Zodiacs of other planets. I created a diagram to illustrate this theory and have attached it to this thread. Sorry it’s not the greatest, I had to work with what I had lol

Planet A is passing through Sidereal Pink Quadrant and passing through Planet B’s Tropical Blue Quadrant. Planet B is thus receiving a Planet A in Pink and Blue energy. Likewise, Planet B is passing through the Sidereal Purple Quadrant and activating Planet A’s Tropical Green Quadrant, thus Planet A is receiving Planet B in Purple and Green energy. The Sun is activating the Tropical Orange Quadrant of both planets.

Additional thoughts: 1) Zodiac signs should not have seasons assigned to them regardless of Zodiac. Currently the Zodiac signs are assigned Northern Hemisphere seasons and the Southern Hemisphere is not taken into consideration. When the Sun activates a Tropical Zodiac Quadrant, the Earth’s energy as a whole is represented here, which is why it doesn’t matter where you were born during the Sun’s transit through a Tropical quadrant. If the seasons mattered, then Aries natives born in the Southern Hemisphere are actually Libras. But Aries and Libras born in the Southern Hemisphere exhibit the same characteristics of Aries and Libras in the Northern Hemisphere. 2) Sidereal cannot support the theory of Retrogrades because planets cannot physically move backwards through the physical Sidereal Zodiac. However, as planets move they are able to move backward within the physical Tropical Zodiac of other planets. 3) A different chart needs to be made for the Sidereal Zodiac. Sidereal uses the same chart format as Tropical, but if we are to accurately measure the effects of the Sidereal quadrant energies on the planets that pass through them, and thus the energy those planets pass on to others, then we need to accurately measure the size of each quadrant. 4) The Sun needs to be removed from the Sidereal Zodiac because the Sun does not pass through any Sidereal quadrant as it is at the center of the Sidereal Zodiac. The Sun can, however, remain in the Tropical Zodiac because as the planets orbit the Sun, the energy of the Sun does penetrate and activate the quadrants of the Tropical Zodiacs of the planets. 5) Sidereal should also include the 13th constellation, Ophiucus. The Tropical Zodiac does not need to because it’s an even measurement of planets’ orbits and Tropical energy is not based on the constellations.


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MOON travels each SIGN once a month aka "...moonth..."

is not always in the same sign SIDEREALLY as Tropically

although all Astrologers – are commenting on and making predictions
regarding THE IDENTICAL MOON in the skies :smile:

a computer generated Tropical Chart
ALWAYS differs by DEGREE occuppied by the Moon
from Sidereal DEGREE occupied by the Moon and sometimes differs by sign as well

Sidereal location of Moon
may easily be confirmed
BY VISUAL observation of local skies
Notice there is a minimum difference of 20°
up to a maximum of approximately 24°
between Tropical and SIDEREAL MEASUREMENT

i.e.ANY planet at 0° OF any Tropical SIGN
is SIDEREALLY between approximately 6° - 10°
to a maximum 24° of the PREVIOUS SIGN
dependent on the ayanamsha



for beginners exploring Sidereal Astrology :smile:
Vedic astrology is Sidereal
there are also Western Sidereal Astrologers as well
for example

KENNETH BOWSER is a Western Sidereal Astrologer
Jim Eshelman

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1. The gods send signs to all nations, but they are not interpret the same for the different lands,
for one they signify hot weather, for another they signify cold weather,
and for third they signify temperate weather.

2. In the same way, the like-principles of rising times and daylight
become less discernible and causative in the equatorial zones.

3. Therefore another celestial influence is causative for nativities,
rather than the terrestrial effect of weather.
Otherwise, there would be no domicile, no exaltation
and no depression for the equatorial lands.

4. The rationale of the sidereal zodiac is compatible with this hypothesis,
the rationale of the tropical zodiac is not.