Triple conjunct (Jup-Nep-Chi) is exactly square my Moon (Algol)!!!


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I noticed that the transit triple conjunction Jupiter, Neptune and Chiron is at 26 Aqua now. That means it is exactly square my Moon at 26 Taurus (Algol)!!! What does that mean for me?? Should I be worried??

I'm going to South America for the first time, May 29th. Can this transit mean something unfortunate happening on the trip? I hope not. The triple conjunction square to my Moon will be exact throughout the trip.

The transit triple conjunction also square my Mars at 21 Taurus.

Can someone explain...

TJup square N Moon
T Nep square N Moon
T Chiron squar N Moon

How does this transits manifest?

Thanks to those who can help me!!


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The triple conjunction is affecting me in a very similar way to you! Its in my 11th opp my Moon/Mars/NNode conjunction at 27 Leo in the 5th. So far it's been a blessing, I feel very peaceful and at ease with life, I'm receiving a lot of healing, getting lots of rest and experiencing an amazing amount of co-incidences. But I do find that I'm spending a lot of time alone, through no choice of my own.
Keep me updated on how this affects you over the coming months, we can swap notes because some themes should be similar. I'm especially going to watch out for stationary periods of the 3 planets and transits over 26/27 Aquarius/Leo.