Tremendous social success, but crushing inability to make money or build a career


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Per the title, I've done really well socially and by my estimations intellectually and spiritually as well over the course of my 24 years. I grew up in a wealthy household, and most of my friends are either wealthy or come from wealth themselves (but are in self-starter fields). The thing is, as time has gone by -a trouble that has persisted and begun to weigh on my significantly with the passage of time- is my total ineptitude when it comes to getting off the ground financially in any way.

Any insight at all on this would be greatly appreciated. Anything other insights are also of course welcome.


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Your chart shows Pisces rising, Sagittarius midheaven, and both Jupiter and Neptune are in Capricorn at the top of the chart. This can feel like incredible privilege, and at the same time it's locked in, prevented from experiencing or expressing the depth of itself. You can't use placements like these for yourself, they won't work.

Have you chosen a Whole Signs chart for a particular reason?

Here is an illustration.

Thank you very much for this response. It’s the most reasonable explanation for some of what I mention in the OP that I’ve come across yet. Certainly a very grim assessment, but the rationale is inductively sound. The exact sentiment expressed in your reply about not feeling like I’m able to use my privileges and gifts towards anything or for any real purpose is what plagues me the most. Feeling like I can do so much, but totally unable to “do” in any area that really counts (although my closest friends of many years, who I attracted as I am and for being me- I am profoundly grateful for).

Some variables to consider if you hadn’t already: egulus conjunct Leo moon, and Saturn/Uranus yod with two possible apexes (Mars/moon). Not sure how those might factor into that equation (if they do at all), as I’m still trying to gauge how significant either of those are.

It seems like your conclusion is that my chart places me in something akin to a cosmic state of limbo where I will (or at least am likely to) only ever be able to hit a brick wall in the grand scheme of things, and it’s a sort of an all-encompassing barrier to fully self actualizing in any way besides one that is by default- limite. Whereas conflicts are supposed to provide outlets for growth in a more conventional chart, mine have relegated me to assured impotency.

Is that about right? I wasn’t 100% sure what you meant by your last sentence about not being able to use these placements, so I’m extrapolating off of the assumption I came to.

If my assumption is correct, and that is what you were saying.... any tips 😋?

Re: whole signs, I’m not sure. I think that was the default. I’m only a few months into understanding astrology, so a lot of this is new territory for me. Is there one preferable to whole?

Thank you again for your response


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I would prefer something like the Placidus house system.

Astro Seek is a wonderful site. Did you use it exclusively so far in trying to understand your chart? The site owner has developed a bunch of Traditional tools that are incredibly valuable for advanced astrologers. My suggestion is, if you have any placements considered traditionally negative, and you're trying to improve yourself, maybe focus more on Modern or psychological astrology at first. provides these kinds of interpretations.

I am definitely *not* implying your career is doomed. What I am saying is that the natal placements of Jupiter and Neptune give you a naturally narrower focus on life and on these domains. These are expansive, boundary dissolving, perspective enhancing planets, and in your chart they are in a corporate sign in a career house of the chart. In many cases that might imply a path laid for you by parental business / profession. Is there something preventing you from following something similar to the earning path trod by your family?

If you don't want to follow that earning path, Jupiter and Neptune indicate you will need to exert some effort to expand your subtle and humanistic awareness yourself, reaching beyond the materialism around you. In the article linked above, the Jupiter fellow reaches his potential only by discovering how to heal someone else.

Thank you again for your extensive response,

I will look into placidus!

I’ve used basically it and AstroMatrix, which I’ve liked a lot as well. Switching to a modern analysis for psychology is a very good piece of advice. I’ve done a ton of research on a ton of different sites for individual things here and there, but I haven’t plugged my whole chart into anything outside of the two I mentioned earlier.

Phew. I completely misinterpreted you then. Basically my 11th house is rife with issues, and the lack of forward momentum there is borne out in the stars. It’s interesting that you mention family stuff, because I’ve been working with my dad on a new app for a project he came up with recently and I sort of fleshed out and wrote up the thesis/patent for. If it’s a hit, that might just be my get out of jail free card. He’s a workaholic Sagittarius who has always made his money through different “side hustles” over the years, and my mother is a corporate lawyer. I’m not much good for the former (I am predisposed towards non-materialistic thinking and don’t find money motivates me much), and though I’m suited to the latter In my linguistic abilities- I hate working salary capped jobs, and I’m a shoddy academic.

We’ll see if my dads project bears any fruit. That said, it’s a really odd inclination to come to terms with. I feel like a complete loser, but all the outlets for immediate change -like getting off unemployment and finding a job of some sort, or moving out and forcing myself to start working for myself- feel so viscerally and inexplicably wrong. As a result, I largely just marinate online when it’s not the weekends or I’m not with my girlfriend.

Is there any other non-familial path associated with those two in the 11th whatsoever? I’ve always loved gambling haha, but I’m not sure I have the temperament or patience for it long term. Anyway.

Is this still applicable to my career path, the reaching beyond bit? Or is it a metaphor for transition into a more ascetic lifestyle where I don’t even want money? See this resonates profoundly with me because I’ve been working towards that end unconsciously for as long as I remember. I have been aimlessly honing in on my understandings of psychology, metaphysics, and spirituality and trying to incorporate it into my social life and help people around me by giving them the right things to hear in the right place in the right time and said in the right way. I’ve still not been really able to live for “myself” as a result, always being this good looking, charismatic, intelligent, well dressing guy who lives in his fathers basement and has no consistent work or sleep regiment to speak of (and yet is surrounded by stability and wealth on all sides). But yeah, this is another direct hit analysis wise. I must seek myself through helpings and understanding others, but there’s no clear motivations for it other than extreme proficiency In that role (a therapist essentially, mostly for extremely eccentric and intelligent people at that).

Fantastic article. I went and bookmarked the site because I was impressed by the depth he went into. Definitely helps as a frame of reference.

If you don’t mind one more question, when you mentioned the Pisces rising and Sagittarius MH, how do those specifically tie into my Neptune and Jupiter? I am vaguely aware that a sag MH is associated with traveling, but beyond that am not familiar with any financial ramifications.

Also final final question, but does it seem as though I’m more likely than not destined to be poor (or at least not rich)?

Thank you so much for your time
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Mars square Pluto, in fairly tight orb, is worth researching

Best wishes :joyful:

ps. The chart you posted is challenging to read. Kindly consider using charts.
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For careers, I look at the sign on the 10th house cusp, and in your case, it's Sag. Its ruler, Jupiter, is located in its own house, this is lucky. You should have great success career-wise. Maybe your lucky break is just taking a bit longer to arrive.

I don't understand why not making money is such a big deal anyway, because you said your thinking is non-materialistic and that money doesn't motivate you. Is it because you feel that it is what is expected of you as a man? I acknowledge that our contemporary society does have these sorts of expectations, but you shouldn't let these define what you do, or indeed, who you are at all. The way I see, you already have pretty much everything one can possibly want: wealth (well, sort of. You just need to wait for your parents to die and leave you their riches), girlfriend, good friends. My advice to you is not to stress about it too much. Just enjoy life as it is. If you are meant to have a great career and financial success, then you will. If you aren't, well, at least you will have enjoyed the ride.

Best of luck to you.
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