Transits of current Chart (31. Juli 201-5.)


The current Uranus in Sign is not that good (for politics): Uranus in this case makes people (especially women and children) cowards (shy). It also fights not. (why?) Because Uranus makes people perceptive and political, but in Pisces makes people weakly. In current sign (Pisces,sid) it makes Vietnamese (the like) politically inclined, but not very the U.S-americans. Because U.S-americans are much Cancerian-aquarian (high-minded, but emotional, and non-protective). Uranus is flighty, but a warrior-in-hiding. Uranus in Pisces/Aries prefers solitudey actions (monks), but also likewise mind-thinking-much (generals! not sergeants). The problem is also: the actions of Uranists (Uranus 1st, 7th) are unstructured (Vietnamese, Americans, Arabics, Germans, French, Polish, Russians, tropicalists.)
Mars (in sign):
The current Mars (fast, not important) is thinkative, but critical, and non-generous. Mars is always warlike individual, but in current sign it indicates people to be trustless, especially warriors (in Cancer it will be better). In current sign it too makes people very sexually strange (not always bad, but pointless.) But slightly too nervous, and not often political (especially the children). Generally, it makes people destructive (not always bad; unless non-logical and non-hearty.)
Uranus here is logical, but not always perceptive(!)
Moon (not important!):
The current Moon in Cap makes people trusting not much.
And my point is: These people are hard-working, and sincere, but too hard-working, altogether. Slightly over-rated in natal charts, but perceptive. (Aquarius in tropical) Always rad! Thinking: scientist. Caribbeanese are moon-like (affected).

Also: I am Moon-like sometimes(sensitive.).

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