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Hi guys, I just wanted to know what are some basic transits to look for, for reconciliation between friends. I had a falling out with a former friend several months ago and i want to know what are the best transits for a good time to patch things up.


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This is my rather remedial interpretation for your chart in particular, so bear with me!

Venus will be entering Aquarius and your 11th house (which governs our friendships) next week, which will then head right into a trine to your natal Mars (& Descendant) as well as sextiling your Uranus, which is your 11th house ruler (Saturn is the classic ruler of Aquarius and it will make a trine to it later in the month of March). I happen to be very partial to lunations and there is a really lovely New Moon next Friday March 4. It's in Pisces and what I especially like about it for you is that transiting Mars will be at around 7 deg. Pisces, exactly conjunt your Venus and trine your Jupiter. That entire weekend seems like it would be a great time to start planting the seeds (New Moon) of reconciliation.

Perhaps a more seasoned astrologer might be able to offer some more general aspects for timing a reconciliation.

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Everything Ethertwist said seems accurate to me, but also remember going to get Uranus conjunct your ascendant in May, again in September, and a 3rd and time in February, 2012, so you may come across as more bizarre, unusual, and unpredictable than usual.

You're also about to have a Saturn return in October, so you'll likely be more serious, evaluating what's of worth and what's stable.

Combining this with what Ethertwist said, you probably want to get out and sow the seeds now, so that you can harvest the fertile friendships when Saturn rolls around.