Transits causing anxiety with partner


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Dunno about transits for the entire indicated period, but yes T Sat was squaring his Sun (not Merc yet)...

and because his Sun "red" triangulates his Jup 45 Pluto (via average 32 min orbed semi-octiles), T Sat was, more comprehensively, quadrangulating the entire config (indicating an emphasis on social misfunction, as you mentioned).

So it is finished this month to the extent the mentioned behavior/experiences are attributable to T Sat (though skimming back through the 2 years, other "red" transits from heavy planets arose and dissipated with no clear single pattern).
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The progressed angles are picking up Jupiter in Virgo, which I think might be part of the problem. Also, progressed Mercury (weak malefic in the radix) separates from conjunction with the Sun and applies to progressed MC.

To clarify--he's always had anxiety issues, only recently (the past two years or so) they're exacerbated?

Progressed Ascendant is now getting into the mix--squaring progressed Jupiter, and, over the next five years, will applying to natal Jupiter.

Jupiter wants to do big things, but in Virgo, it can't. Jupiter is Lord 11 in bf's chart. So there is potential in the radix for this kind of self-imposed isolation to manifest. When Jupiter is highlighted in the progressions, we might expect this potential to manifest.


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You should probably add progressions and a solar arc but, from first glance it appears that this is likely from Uranus moving into the 12th house about 2 years ago.

Note, this interpretation does depends on how accurate the time of birth is ...

edited to add -- Saturn is also moving through tht 7th of "public relations" making interactions with others more difficult and likely a burden. This can be good though that it can force you to be able to deal with public situations.
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Thanks so much guys, yes Saturn moving through 7th makes sense.. Had not seen your replies, for some reason I no longer get notifications via email of responses...