Transits affecting professional change ?



What would be your interpretation of the following transits? These are some of the transits I have until about 2023. At the present, there is a lot going on professionally (a potential career change, wondering whether I should take the leap).

Chiron conjunct Midheaven
Uranus in the X
North node in the IX
Jupiter in the VIII
Pluto in the VI

Thank you for your attention.


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Uranus transiting the tenth is an extremely potent time for career change. That would be so even without the rest of the transits. However, the ripest time, based on Uranus alone, is around when it crosses the MC. At that time, you may be forced into a change, like it or not. You would've had that happen in 2014-15. What happened in your career then?

That doesn't mean you've lost your window of opportunity for a career change just because Uranus has moved on from your MC, but Uranus alone wouldn't be the reason for it right now. If you are looking at a career change, other transits, and possibly progressions, are playing a part.

Chiron at the MC might bring dissatisfaction with your current career into focus, and/or call you to change to a career with a healing kind of focus. That doesn't necessarily mean medicine. Anything that brings greater wholeness qualifies.
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