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Moon-to-Sun Returns

In the period of 1960-1970 (?) a New England astrologer, Therese Sweeney, privately published a book on a methodology which she called "Solunars". This remarkable little book promoted a different form of Lunar Returns, one in which the Moon was returned to the natal Sun's position. My first question is, has anyone any information on this lady who practiced in both New York City and on Cape Cod or south shore area of Massachusetts? The book was black on white and plastic-tab bound much like office documents of that period and up to the 1990's.

While Therese Sweeney only postulated Moon-to-Sun Returns, I have found that the Lunar cycle works best if you split it in two, ending up with both a Moon-to-Sun and a Moon-opposite-Sun Return to cover the month, in effect using two half-cycles. My second question is, "Has anyone else ever experimented with this form of Return charting?

As an astrologer of some 40 years of study and practice, I would not raise this to the attention of the astrological community if the methodology did not show exceptional promise in its charting method and ease of interpretation --- plus, of course, its applicability to tracking and predicting the events of our life within the context of life's environment.

The Moon-to-Sun Return chart represents the infusion of our passion, needs, emotion (Moon) with our intent, will, decisions and sense of self (Sun). The house that this conjoining occurs in defines the theme for the next two weeks -- this "theme" is quite significant in terms of the Return chart's house meaning.

The Moon-opposite-Sun Return chart defines a clarity of purpose relative to groups, working with associations, relationships, how we may be sensitive to others, the pulling and giving of power. The two houses involved define this tension and challenge to resolve axis.

Because these cycles are so focused on the unfolding relationship between the Sun and Moon, we can advance either "return" chart a day at a time to view how the transiting Moon and Sun and the angles move forward, what planets they contact on any given day. Most important, in my findings, is the Part of Fortune which (when aspecting a planet) provides an outlet for the Ascendant to express itself in a focused manner. The Part of Fortune has the same relationship to the Ascendant as the Moon has to the Sun.

If any on this list wish to discuss these forms of Return charts, or to explore charts of this nature, or has information on the unknown astrologer noted above, please contact me here or via e-mail. Dave


Example of a Moon to Sun Return

An example of a Sun-to-Moon Return I am surprised that none of those who have read my original post entered into a discussion or asked for an example. Permit to offer an example from recent (last year's news) history which caught the public's attention.

Amanda Knox was an American student who chose to study in Perugia Italy in the fall of 2007. Soon after the fall classes commenced she established a degree of popularity among the other students and was well regarded by her professors. On Oct. 31, 2007 the community of Perugia and the students celebrated Witches Day (known as Halloween in the U.S.) This day was also the day that the transiting Moon returned to Amanda's natal Sun position. The chart for this event is shown below as an attachment.

In this case, the Moon-to-Sun Return chart is also the date of a significant event in Amanda's life. On the following night her room mate was murdered, the body was found the following morning in one of the rooms of their small apartment. Note the following in this chart:

** The transiting Moon and natal Sun is found in the 9th house of this chart at 16 Cancer -- the transiting planets are found in the inner wheel, the natal planets and angles are in the outer wheel. The reason for this will be explained later. This placement sets the theme for the following two weeks until the Moon-opposite-Sun half of the cycle occurs. The interpretation follows standard approaches: Higher education, foreign travel, the worldly commerce of ideas, thought, influences of other places and peoples that we do not normally associate with. We sense how we might better fit within a world beyond our home and neighborhood. This is a period of self-enlargement of some kind.

** The transiting Part of Fortune (10 Cancer) conjoins transiting Mars in the 9th house: Attack, danger, aggression and upsets are likely.

** Transiting Sun conjoins natal Pluto near the Ascendant: Chaos and irrevocable changes are set in motion. Given that this is the day of the start of this cycle, this is highly significant. The transiting Sun and Mercury bracket this Ascendant: News of a highly personal nature will affect her.

** Transiting Pluto is at Amanda Knox's relocated (to Perugia) IC angle. This "doubled up" Pluto symbolism (with t/Sun at n/Pluto near the Asc.) points to her being deeply involved in chaotic changes in her life.

** If we continue to play astrological hopscotch, after noting that transiting Part of Fortune conjoined transiting Mars, we would note that natal Part of Fortune was contacted by the transiting N.Node at 3 Leo, suggesting that her associations with others were involved in this cycle's meanings.

Edited to add: On the following day when her room mate was murdered, t/Moon had advanced towards the MC angle and had conjoined n/Mars. The Moon is often a trigger in these types of Return charts and its contact with Mars pointed to the danger for her person as well as for her room mate. Timing and opportunity may have saved her life, but as we will see in the next post, it didn't prevent her losing part of her life.

All of this is highly applicable symbolism in her life on this date. I will await for some more visits to this post, and possibly some comments. Dave


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Advancing Moon to Sun Return charts day by day

Again using the charts and life of Amanda Knox, an American student in Perugia, Italy, we will pick up her story following the discovery of her room mates body. The murder appeared to have happened Nov. 1st in the evening. In this small college city, such an event became the focus of everyone's attention and speculation. It is often the impression of those who followed the media reports that the police and court officers acted much like the "Keystone Cops" of the silent-movies era, running about, not being highly effective in their investigations, taking every opportunity to speak to the press and before the TV cameras. Foreign students, Witche's Night, murder in the evening, a holiday atmosphere----anything was possible. Black magic, satanic rituals, speculation, false reports all contributed to the media hype and the pressure to bring the investigation to an end.

On Nov. 6, 2007, Amanda Knox was arrested and charged with the murder of her room mate. Attached is an "Advanced" chart from the Moon-to-Sun Return chart. That chart, using the same location and time, was advanced from Oct. 31 to Nov. 6th, 7 days. We can advance any Moon-to-Sun or Moon-opposite-Sun Return chart to any day in the following two week period before the next return chart is effective.

Where we looked for the Moon-to-Sun Return's "house" position to determine the theme and nature of the Return chart's influence over the next two weeks, in any Advanced-to-a-date chart we are looking at Moon, Sun, Part of Fortune, angular contacts, major aspects such as conjunctions, squares or oppositions, and "doubled up" planets (both natal and transiting versions of the same planet having a significance in the chart).

t/Asc. conoining n/Pluto: Amanda would feel that her daily life was in a state of upheaval. t/Moon at 2 Libra conjoining the n/S.NOde: She would have to use her own resources defending herself against others and their claims (S.Node signifies our own skills, and a reluctance at times to work with others). t/Part of Fortune conjoining t/Venus and n/Asc.: Trying to find a sense of balance and harmony in the midst of chaos would test her personality. t/Neptune at the IC angle: Confusion and a lack of clarity would be the order of the day. Why? What reasons are there for her situation? Couple this with n/Neptune at the cusp of the 3rd house and we can see that understanding the situation is the focus.

What I am illustrating with these examples of Moon-to-Sun Return charts is that the dual new moon and full moon cycles, relative to the natal Sun, defines the nature of the following half-cycle through its house position. These Return charts can then be advanced in daily increments and the planet aspects of the daily charts can be simply read --- they reflect the nature of the events, attitudes and situations we find ourselves experiencing. This cyclic astrology is simple to use. It works.

At this point I will expect others to offer comments or to request example charts to be offered relative to an event in their life. Conversation is the only way for others to learn from what I have learned. If there is no communication then I will not post further on this subject. Dave


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Moon-to-Sun Returns
In the period of 1960-1970 (?) a New England astrologer, Therese Sweeney, privately published a book on a methodology which she called "Solunars"

fwiw, “Solunars” was the title of Cyril Fagan’s 17-year continuous series featured in American Astrology Magazine from 1953 until his death in 1970. His ideas continue however, and there is currently a forum discussing matters solar and lunar aka “solunars” at
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I am deeply aware of Cyril Fagan's publications in American Astrology, I have them all in electronic form and most of them in printed form, as well as books he has written or co-written. Therese Sweeney may have or may not have known of Fagan's work, however, she wrote a book and privately published it in limited quantities using the term "Solunars" to denote a method based on the return of the Moon to the Sun's position. She used the Tropical Zodiac.

I thank you for your reply. I cannot find any older astrologers from the New York City or the New England or Cape Code area where she practiced. I have inquired through several astrological book distributors and ISAR and AFA with no results. Her findings were impressive. For my part, using computers (not available to her in 1960 or 1970) I have been able to enhance and expand her basic methods into a very complete predictive system. However, she needs to be honored for her fundamental work. Dave


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Reading relative to transiting Moon to natal Sun Returns

Thanks for the heads-up. My intent was to use a reading format for the purpose of illustrating the methodology. This form of Return chart has not been written about or used in the mainstream practice of astrology or in commonly available books. I uncovered the Moon-to-Sun Return in an old book written by a now-obscure astrologer of the mid-1900s. I refined and expanded the work previously done and wish to share it with others. I have no interest in providing a series of on-going readings on an Internet listing.

However, I will move to the other site for the one reading that I am seeking to do as an illustrative process. Thanks again for your helpfulness. Dave

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Re: Reading relative to transiting Moon to natal Sun Returns

I do find this fascinating to analyse, this lunar to solar return method.

I hope you're still there as I have a question about the Moon to Sun returns. If you have a month which begins with the Moon conjunct natal Sun as in a normal Moon to Sun return, then at the Moon to Sun opposition, the Moon is directly opposite the natal Sun? Would that month be significant in some way, a bit like when you get a new Moon on your natal Solar (sun to sun) return?

I am curious as during the year that happened to me on my solar (sun to sun) return, alot of changes happened. I'm curious that it may something to do with that the houses are ruled by Cancer and Leo in the natal chart? For me, its the money houses, taxes (Leo in the 8th intercepted), and more taxes (Cancer ruling the 8th house). Natal Sun is in the 2nd house and Moon in the 2nd/3rd cusp. The same houses were involved during my solar new moon (sun to sun) return - I got a payout which helped to change my life direction. This time round, I'm expecting a fairly large tax rebate which will help fund a teaching course I'm undertaking. During this Moon to natal Sun return month, next month, transiting Mercury will also be in the 8th house and going retrograde, the tax rebate is for the past year (going back)!


Re: Reading relative to transiting Moon to natal Sun Returns

I have attempted to write two replies on my quirky laptop. I will reply tonight when I return home from where I am now and can use my desktop computer. Dave


Reply about transiting Moon to natal Sun Returns

Neptune Rising. I'm home with my desktop. I had "lost" two posting due to my laptop's cursor jumping around --- putting text elsewhere or triggering jumps to other applications. Frustrating. I think it is sensitive to voltage fluctuations.

This methodology involves a dual cycle; the transiting Moon to natal Sun and the transiting Moon opposing the natal Sun. Each cycle covers two weeks, and each Return chart can be advanced on a day-by-day basis.

The INITIAL ASSESSMENT relates to the Sun's HOUSE position or the Moon's and Sun's TWO HOUSES positions. There is an interpretive model which can be found on --- which is one of my blog sites and which is devoted just to these returns.

A second factor in chart interpretation is the Part of Fortune (PoF) which relates to the Return chart's Ascendant as the Moon relates to the Sun. When contacting a planet in the Return or in a daily chart, the PoF permits the Ascendant to express itself through any planet it contacts.

If I was to do a reading, the moderators wish it to be on the reading area. I don't want to do many readings on the Astro-community site, perhaps just one or so in order to facilitate discussions with those interested in this methodology. From the number of reads of my posts, I suspect there is interest but most seem to be very shy about communicating.

I can do a reading here, or you can visit the above blog site where there are several worked examples and where you can also comment or post if you wish. Another alternative is to converse and do charts via e-mail as part of your exploration. After all of my many years in astrology I'm not as interested in teaching chart-by-chart as I am in finding kindred spirits who actually practice astrology even if this methodology is new to them. My e-mail address is Your suggestions? Dave