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I have focused a great deal on Natal Astrology for almost all of my understanding about astrology, but I've paid little attention to transits.. but with what's currently happening in my life right now i'm forced to look at the transits because I feel I am getting absolutely destroyed.

So the central issue in my life right now is: Power

I have Pluto transiting my 8th house retrograde opposite my Natal Sun. I'm not sure of how strong the impacts are of progressions, but i also have my Progressed Sun Square to Natal Pluto.

Whats Happening:

I feel totally powerless over my own life, it feels as though all my freedoms have been stripped and i am constantly been provoked into arguments with people attempting to assert power or authority over me, usually i would brush off such comments but now i feel this need to fight back.. I've had to be careful in work situations, i have found myself on the cusp of getting into disputes with my supervisors and work colleagues.

I have been leaning further right-wing with my political views, and challenging well established and socially accepted opinions which has created more hostility from people.

I see every comment that undermines my power as a personal attack, and i react in a very serious manner even if the comment was light-hearted. This has created minor paranoia.

I will attempt to assert power over those i consider below me, and react to those who challenge me.

My Understanding:

I make sure to try and be as objective as possible - I believe the above is a reaction to a sense of perceived impending annihilation.. my entire value system(Second House) is been challenged and with it my sense of identity(Sun). Pluto is stripping all preconceived illusions and the opposition plays out between myself and authority figures.

I have to constantly remind myself that the external factors are not the cause but simply a trigger, what I'm experiencing is an internal shift.

This is a side of myself I have NEVER seen before. My Natal Sun Trines with Natal Pluto so i haven't really experienced this side of Pluto before.
I have seen these qualities in friends and other people to great detail but I've never experienced them myself until now.

Is there a way i can better manage this transit? Have i missed any other crucial aspects? The darkest parts of who i am are coming out and i have a feeling sooner or later its going to reach a climax.



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You have done good job of interpreting the Pluto transit .... have you missed the transiting Neptune that will be trining your sun?


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You have done good job of interpreting the Pluto transit .... have you missed the transiting Neptune that will be trining your sun?

Thanks. I missed that transit, I spent a bit of time reading into it's influence.. I've been writing a 10-page memoir on a hitch-hiking journey i undertook last year which sounds in-line with the creative aspect of this transit. I also transitioned from been very sociable (I was living abroad with many people) to virtually a recluse now that I'm back home..

Its interesting that one on hand im fighting for power and authority, resisting and challenging everyone and everything in an attempt to defend my values and sense of identity through the hard Pluto-Sun aspect, and on the other hand the Trine from Neptune is acting almost as a counter.. dissolving boundaries.

It is tempting to get into political discussions

especially when 2 or more people are discussing things right in front of you,

You could refer people to videos or articles instead of trying to persuade them yourself, and getting into a big debate
but then you have to make absolutely sure there is nothing even slightly offensive about said articles or videos, or even the chance that someone could find offense where there is none....which is very difficult.
Or that the videos and articles are not made by someone who has said offensive things in the past.

Actually that is next to impossible, maybe just think "is this debate really going to improve my life"

Yeah, you are absolutely correct.

I have for most of my life avoided those sort of arguments, im typically very relaxed and i can often see both sides of the argument so i tend not to get involved because i understand that ultimately it's entirely subjective and impossible to convince a person of your perspective, perhaps you can articulate it in such a way that they can understand parts of it.. but only if there open to it, in an argument people are usually closed off.

What has surprised me is to the degree that i feel obligated to defend that which i value in verbal debate, i have never been like this. But it's almost like in an attempt to assert where i stand on issues i feel obligated to step in and make my point. Almost like the very act of it reinforces my sense of identity; again i believe this to be a knee-jerk reaction in resistance to the process of been stripped back by the hard Pluto aspect.

It's a bit like been backed into a corner.. fight or flight, ultimately the only choice is to let go, embrace and allow ones self to sink into the void, but the survival mechanism in place is strong and it's hard not to resist.


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I was actually working in the US (and on this case, through a bizarre series of coincidences) during part of the 1980s.

It was the first time people were actually de-confirmed by the Senate from government positions for having the wrong ideas. Actually, for NOT having a conflict of interest, and pointing out a lot of conflicts of interest.

You were able to lose your job by having the wrong ideas long, long, long before that, and in any country. That's part of the nature of politics.


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Both. Quite often if you don't hold the 'right' ideas you won't be hired in the first place. Things are better than they used to be in that regard, but it's still more the rule than the exception.