Transit Pluto 2nd house


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Hi, my question is about some features of transit Pluto through 2nd house for someone (me) with Sun square Moon and Sun square Asc; i just realized that both these aspects might mean some additional features regarding tr Pluto 2nd house (money issues, power issues, values issues, etc)(?), though at first glance i couldn't figure it out; any insight would be great,,; thanks, greetings


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Not without more seeing your chart is a must. Pluto is in a house a LONG time. During that time once can undergo highs and lows depending upon the other transits to other planetary patterns.
If you are seriously interested in this, wouldn't it be logical want to see the whole picture? Instead of speculation.


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Hello athair,

if Pluto could make significant transits in house II, if Pluto has no star to transit in Aquarius currently or in another zodiac sign, in my opinion not much will happen! On the other hand, if you have transits to stars located in other zodiac signs and even at least one star in Aquarius in your birth chart, then you can observe using the planetary ephemerides (eg Swiss ephemeris) when place the transit of Pluto on these stars and if it is still in house II...

Ecliptique. :)