Transit neptune conjunct sun and ascendant

Hello dear astrologers...

I have transit neptune conjunction my natal sun and ascendent at 29 degrees would be nice to hear how others experienced the sun neptune or sun ascendt. conjunction. For me it feels like in a parallel universe, everything seems "floating away" and its very hard to stand with the feets on the ground.


I think you should be careful right now for the next few years . Neptune conjunct the sun and ascendant means you need to be careful of illusions,and mirages ,and i also suggest don't make big decisions right now or until you see the pros and cons thoroughly . Be careful of drugs ( any type of drugs ) and alcohol because it could really put you into another world ( neptune rules things and things that are outside this world ) and the spiritual. ALso religion and music could make things nice ,( neptune rules music of any kind ) and since neptune is about to go into the sign it rules ,pisces , spirit and music could keep you afloat while the planet that is outside of reality ( neptune ) is conjunct your ascendant for the next few years.Also be careful of delusions and delusional people ( neptune opposite the descendant )
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Hello Dove, thanks a lot for taking the time to write and for your words. You are right, because I forgot to consider that I must also be aware of my descendant, that is neptune, I was just focused of myself and to survive this...thanks a lot:happy: