Transit Neptune conjunct Sun activates Leo's house?


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Hi; i've been having Neptune conjunct Sun transit for a while (my Pisces Sun is 21 degrees).

I just realized that such a transit would activate issues related to Leo's house; my Asc is Sag (square sun), so Leo house is 9th with Saturn placed there; so.seemimgly, Neptune conjunct Sun transit would deal with Saturnine Leo 9th house issues.

Is reincarnation a 9th house issues? Reincarnation seen as a long trip(?).

Any way, what are the expected traits of a Neptune conj Sun viewed as Saturn-in-Leo 9th house????(*)

Also, is the Asc sq Sun or Moon sq Sun expected to make for additional issues??

I also just realized something along the following lines: nept conj sun activating 9th house issues (long trips) would exert influence on 12th house issues (Leo's house sq Scorpio 12th house) in the following sense: (9th)long trips=>(12th)exile (seclusion, isolation, etc.). My Sag is in 12th house, by the way...anyway, it seems transit planets exerts influence not only through ruler-in-the-houses issues, but also through houses squaring ruler-in-the-houses issues

Pluto-Saturn transit 2nd house (sq NN-SN) would entail Leo-Scorpio not only ruler-wise, but also as the outcome of sun sq moon (in 12th house) natal aspect (??)

Thanks in advance for any insight; Greetings

(*)Transit Pluto is sq the nodes (26-26 Aries Libra) at cap 2nd house; recently Saturn was transiting Cap as well; so perhaps there was an all too saturnine energy going on within my chart (that is, some draining Pluto's issues regarding 2nd, values, self-worth, etx.) enhanced by a Saturn 2nd house transit; and at the very same time a saturnine-Leo energy regarding 9h house (driven by NEptune.transit conj Sun)???
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