Transit headache, Please help!


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Currently Transiting Pluto is going through my 2nd house opposing my 8th houseMercury in 3 Degree Orb and Transiting Uranus, who is travelling through my 5th house is squaring my Poor little Mercury in 1 Degree orb.Transiting sun, venus, mercury, neptune, mars, chiron and Lilith is aslo aspecting it. Lookes like the Universe is trying to do something really tremendous with my sesory system and thought process. However, so far what I have noticed is, I wrote extremly well developed poems like a possessed person for a few days, which I was very surprised of later because, I had no idea I could write such stuff! I am also going to through an intense addiction phase of study of Astrology and Metaphysique neglecting my nromal daily activities and study.

But the most dangerous and life changing thing that I am experiencing currently is a Headache. I am going through the worst headache of human history (in my opinion!). Its a Uranus in Aries Kind of Headache, with the intensity of Pluto. I have been to doctors and they found no reason for me to have such a headache other than stress. But I am really not stressed in that way. My life has always been stressful and the situation i am in is no different. I am on Codin now, but it is really not helping. What it does it numb me and make me feel disoriented.

So I am here to find a way out my situation. Please help me get out of this headache. I am now for a month or so constantly feeling that my head is literally going to explode in pain. I am at the end of my wit, and beg you all to help me find a way to deal with it?

I will be extremely grateful for your thoughts and ideas.

Kind regards.