Transit Chiron Through the Houses


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As much as i searched for i couldn't find any detailed interpretation of chiron transits through the houses in the forum. Today i came across this interpretation of chiron transits through the houses in another language and i translated it(sorry if there is any mistakes). Hope it helps.:innocent:


Transit Chiron in 1st house:

A personal style that does not attract much attention.Developments related to health topics.Lower Self-esteem, criticizing self and physical appearance. Showing rising(asc) Virgo features.

Transit Chiron in 2nd house:

Problems in financial matters and personal resources. Research and develop of their possessions. Working hard to earn more. Making sacrifices for money. Arranging financial issues.

Transit Chiron in 3rd house:

Beginning to realize details in relationships related to siblings, neighbours and close neighbourhoods. Making sacrifices for brothers and sisters. Increased potential to express oneself by writing. Mastering things that require hand skills.

Transit Chiron in 4th house:

It emphasizes issues such as home, family and parents . Change of house or the environment. Struggle and wounds within the family. Some health issues in the family might require sacrifices.

Transit Chiron in 5th house:

Focuses on love, entertainment and children's issues. Selective pleasures and problems within these pleasures. Less restraint. Might create love-related wounds. Increased creativity. Might abuse any addictive substance.

Transit Chiron in 6th house:

One of the strongest transit of Chiron. Points out the health issues. Experiencing some sacrifices related to working conditions. Difficulty to work.Probable health-related problems. Fleeting illness(such as new allergies)

Transit Chiron in 7th house:

Relationships, marriage-partnership issues create crisis. Criticizing the partner or criticized by the partner. To sacrifice self for the partner. Systemizing partnership.

Transit Chiron in 8th house:

You may find yourself a bit lost and not able to not fully understand the events in this period. You may have problems about inheritance. You can learn the secrets that you have not known for years. To experience personal transformation through crises and death.

Transit Chiron in 9th house:

Systemizes education and learning. Investigation of topics such as religion and philosophy. foreign countries or people becomes an important subject. Small problems with travel might occur.

Transit Chiron in 10th house:

You can rearrange your career plan with a crisis. Sacrifices in matters related to the career. To criticize the authority position and their mistakes. Ambition in professional field. Writing and research potential.

Transit Chiron in 11th house:

Focuses on your frienships. Concentrate on the details about your goals. Critical approaches about the future. Wounds about Loyalty. To experience sacrifice for friends. Might master some technological subjects.

Transit Chiron in 12th house:

Even if you test your deepest feelings in this difficult time, most of them will change when this period ends. As the fear increases, you become more anxious. You will notice losses in your life and the emotions you have undergone. You need to deal with your past, and old traumas.



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Interestingly chiron is only 3 degrees away from my 4th house entry and I am already wondering about changing house and how I will be able to do it because I just have a lot of wounds in this house that I am in with everything that has happened here so I don't even like being at home.