Transit Chart for Date of Frozen Embryo Transfer


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I am having a frozen embryo transfer on Nov. 7 at 9:00 AM or so. It’s a male embryo that was created using an anonymous sperm donor. He was created in April. Are the transits/placements at all favorable with respect to my natal chart? Can anyone give me some insight? It ***** this has to happen during a mercury retrograde, especially with mercury being in my 5th, but I have no control over the timing. I’m trying to view it not as starting a “new” project, but revisiting a project I started in April.


Edit - it’s not shown, but Ceres is also apparently now in my fifth.


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Hi Cancer Gemini,
Are you showing the transits for the time of the frozen embroyo transfer, or a horary chart? I think a horary chart would be a good chart to cast for this sort of question. I did notice that the ascendant is in the late degrees of Cancer which rules the moon. Im not sure if this is a horary though.
Good luck!


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Hi, thanks for replying! This is the transit chart for the time of the transfer (11/7 at 9:30ish) on top of the natal. I’ve never cast an horary. I guess I should.